Hulk Smash Some More? Marvel Eyeing Potential Film AND TV Franchise For The Hulk and Mark Ruffalo

Paul Gitter, Marvel Entertainment’s President of Consumer Products for North America, has apparently had some second thoughts after how well The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) has been received for this weekend’s upcoming The Avengers. So much so that he told Forbes Magazine that Marvel might be adjusting their sites on something other than a reboot of the television show that launched Lou Ferrigno to fame.

Per Gitter, “… if the Hulk’s successful turnaround continues, Gitter says Marvel will ‘spin him off to a stand-alone [TV] program next year,’ supported by a big budget franchise movie in 2015.”

Ruffalo is signed on for six films as part of the Marvel film franchise contract, so another Hulk film isn’t all that shocking. The fact that The Avengers, which has already grossed nearly $200 million overseas in advance of its release date this weekend, might propel another shot at a film franchise for the green monster is interesting in and of itself.

What does this mean? The third time could be the charm for the staple of Marvel Comics. Eric Bana had the right idea for how to play Banner, and Ed Norton’s version had the sort of action we expect in the franchise, but maybe having someone like Ruffalo merge both ways of playing Banner and supported by a film tailored to him could be the difference to really connecting with audiences like Iron Man did.

What do you think? Do you want another Hulk film? Or is two plenty? Let us know below.

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