DC Nation’s Young Justice Animated Series’ MIA Lead Leaps Into New 52’s Teen Titans (The Culling)

Season 2 of DC Nation’s Young Justice animated TV series, with the subtitle of “Invasion” this season, begins with big questions about three missing core characters from Season 1. At the same time, while Artemis is MIA on TV, she makes her comic book debut in this week’s Teen Titans Annual #1 according to an exclusive preview at Newsarama (see right).

On TV, Artemis (the green garbed archer) is the daughter of villains Sportsmaster and Huntress / Tigress plus the sister of the master assassin Chesire. Will she have the same nefarious origins in the New 52?

And, what does this signify for Arrowette (the red garbed archer)? She was the comic book Young Justice’s archer (as per writer Peter David) way back in the pre-Flashpoint DCU. Has she become irrelvant now that Artemis has made her comic book debut?

The preview page that opens this article also includes the New 52 debuts of Thunder and Lightning who will be core members of the DC Comics’ “Second Wave” title stemming from its “Culling” event called Ravagers.

A fun May is ahead!

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