The Voice 2012 Semifinals Results Episode Review – “We’ve Got a Final Four”

Tonight on The Voice, four performers were advanced to the final round and we got to hear performances from last season’s four finalists.

Let’s start with the results, since that’s why we were all watching.

Team Christina: Christina split her vote 50-50, which I always think is kind of a cop out decision. I think Chris and Lindsey are both great too, but come one. One must be stronger. Last night I said I thought Lindsey should go through, but when I thought about it later I changed my mind and decided I thought Chris deserved it more. So I was perfectly happy when Chris Mann made it through. I think his good looks played a part there, but his beautiful voice certainly did as well.

Team Adam: I was definitely rooting for Katrina here, so I was disappointed to see that Adam split his decision 60-40 in Tony’s favor. And indeed, Tony Lucca was the one to advance to the finals. I’m a little disappointed, but I don’t think either of them will win next week.

Team Blake: I felt like this one was hands down Jermaine, but it’s probably also my least favorite team. I’d liked Erin before, but I thought her performance last night was dreadful. Blake also wimped out and divided his points 50-50. Lame! America’s votes put Jermaine through, with a pretty big margin.

Team Cee Lo: Obviously, this was the one we all wanted to see. It kills me that only Juliet or Jamar could go on to the finals, because they’re the two strongest performers. And I think the two really respect and like each other; Juliet was a wreck before the results. I like both of these singers so much, but if I had a gun to my head I think I’d say Juliet has been more consistent and deserves to go through. But I thought Jamar, with his inspiring story, would be the one to win America’s votes. Cee Lo awarded 60 points to Juliet and 40 to Jamar. I think Cee Lo knew Jamar had more support from the voters at home and wanted to even the playing field. She didn’t need the help though, Juliet Simms advanced to the finals.

It sucks that Jamar had to go, but that’s the show. I’ll be rooting for Juliet in the finals, and I think she’ll win it. If I were ranking the final four going into the finale, I’d say Juliet > Chris > Jermaine > Tony, but I really feel indifferently about Tony and Jermaine. We’ll see if my feelings change after the final performances!

OK, let’s also talk about the performances. You know, since we’re already here.

I fast forwarded through a lot of the episode since, you know, all that talking is pretty boring. I watched Dia Frampton‘s performance and thought it was pretty good. Poppier than what she did on the show last season, I think, but catchy.

I’d totally forgotten about Vicki Martinez and how much I enjoyed her last season. The song she sang with Cee Lo was kind of boring, which is too bad since I thought she was so dynamic when she was on the show.

Beverly MacLellan sang with Cyndi Lauper, which was unexpected. It was OK, but not really my thing.

And Javier Colon, last year’s winner, performed a new song by himself. He was good, but I thought seeing the four finalists from last season made me think that the talent definitely improved this year.