Ask Mattel May 1st Edition (Masters of the Universe, DC Universe, Voltron, & More)

Twice a month, Mattel is kind enough to answer questions around the web on its lines, including WWE, DC, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters & More. Check out the May Q&A session sorted out by catagory!

DC Comics

Q: DC Universe Classics Club Infinite Earths packaging: Why in the Infinite Earths does it say ‘Signature Collection’? Why are the boxes so darn BIG? I understand this for Metron w/ his chair, but Jay Garrick Flash w/ nothing? What’s the point?
A: The boxes are sized to accommodate a variety of figures so that one size will fit all! Some figures may be bigger than others.

Q: DCUC. With the news that DCUC as we know it will be going away in 2012 but that a relaunched/continuation line will be coming out in 2013, can we get a bit of clarification on what to expect? 1. Will the new line be similar to the DCSH concept of Batman and Superman family characters that are known to the casual buyer at retail and Moms and Kids? 2. Will the sub be the place to get classic versions of characters and to fill out existing teams and fan requests?
A: At this point, it’s too early to give you all information, but our lead designers are drooling over the line and our options…. But Yes, the sub will be the place to get classic versions of characters and to fill out existing team

Q: You have said that by the end of Comic Con this year we will know the full line up of the 2012 DC Sub and part of the 2013 line up. Do you know yet how many 2013 DC Sub figures will be revealed at your panel? And with the changes to your DC lines in 2012 are you planing to do 2 panels again this year? A DC/Mattel heroic partnership panel AND a MattyPalooza panel?
A: We do not have info on our panels yet as SDCC does not confirm panels until late in the game. But the plan is to have similar panels as last year with a DC panel and a Mattypalooza panel. The DC items will be repeated at both panels if you will.

Q: Not a question so much as a request… Since the 6″ Young Justice line seems to be over with Kid Flash and Batman, could you please bump Miss Martian and the t-shirt/jeans Superboy way up on the list of possibilities for the new 2013 line or the 2013 subscription figures so that we can at least finish the initial team even if the last two do end up in the DCUC style? Two heads, one for DCUC and one for YJ would make the figures an even better offering.
A: Potentially. It’s a good suggestion.

Q: Are there any plans this year to advertise the subs wider than just the word of mouth out of comic con? Is there any chance you could take out an ad in a DC comic or something? The MOTUC sub is 3 years in and there are still people that don’t know about it, and the DC on barely funded.
A: Yes we do have some plans to promote the subs!

Q: Are variations of characters being considered for the Club Infinite Earths, or are the slots reserved for unique characters? Example: does Uncle Sam have an advantage over something like Hook Hand Aquaman?
A: Yes, significant variants of figures are being considered just as much as new characters, as long as they are fan demanded!

Q: Will the upcoming Signature Series/ CIE Starman include a sculpted Legion of Super-Heroes ring hand?
A: No, he is modeled after his JSA appearance from Kingdom come where he was ring-less.

Q: With the disappointing DC All Star and Young Justice announcements, will the Toys R Us Dc 2 packs still be released or is their future uncertain at this time has well?
A: Yes these are still shipping.

Q: With the switch from retail to mainly online sales at this point, is there a chance that Mattel could release a green Parademon 2-pack (or even re-release the single figure) like they did with the JLU line? This figure was difficult to find at retail and represents one of the only true “army builders” of the DC Universe.
A: We don’t have any plans for a release like this right now. Maybe one day.

Q: We were sad to hear about the end of Young Justice, but wanted to know what the status of the final two waves of 6″ figures was (Kid Flash/ Batman and Guardian/ Superboy 2)… were these figures far enough into production that they will still see retail release, or is it possible we may see them available on, like the final wave of Retro Action Heroes?
A: No there are no plans for this right now. This is a line that needs kid and mom support to continue. We have found from experience that DC Animated figures can not live on collector support alone.

Q: Does Mattel have any input or collaboration with Cartoon Network’s programming in regards to lines like Young Justice, or is this coordinated only with DC? We feel the sporadic airing of Young Justice episodes was a big contributor to the abrupt end of the toy line.
A: We definitely partner with WB Animation and they are great about soliciting our input for their shows, although there is no guarantee that they’ll take our suggestions as they have multiple stakeholders. As far as Cartoon Network goes, WB Animation manages that relationship.

Q: The DC line has appeared to change a lot since Toyfair, when will we get a final 2012 plan for the line?
A: Super Power Penguin won’t make it this year, but fret not, we think we’ve found a place for him in early 2013. As far as DCU is concerned, there will be one more wave of DC Universe in 2012, hitting around August. After that, you will find a new DC collector Mass line at retail in 2013 where we’ve taken lessons from YJ, DCU and Legacy.

Q: Is it at all likely that we’ll see a New 52 Batwoman figure in the future (if not near future), or would the [unfortunately] controversial nature of her character prevent one from going into production?
A: We don’t consider Batwoman to be controversial at all. She is a great figure we’d love to get to one day.

Q: With the latest news on the All Star and Young Justice DC retail lines being cancelled, are there still plans to continue the Batman Legacy SKU or will it be only Dark Knight Rises product in stores through the rest of 2012?
A: The Legacy line is going to rest for a bit as we move into TDKR. In 2013, do look for it coming back in some form or another.

Q: When are Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters to be released? Same time as the 5″ kid line?
A: Late May 2012.

Q: Do you have a DCIE 2013 exclusive already chosen or will we have to vote again this year ????

Q: If you do,I hope he’s a really good one to get new and old fans jumping at the DCIE 2013 subs this year !!!
A: Yes, the entire 2013 line is already in the works including a sub figure but all of 2013 CIE will only go forward if we get the min number of sub holders (we will sell starting after our SDCC fan panel and have a meter like last year to show progress). If the sub does not sell well enough, we will cancel the sub and just make the 4-5 2013 figure we have already started work on into “quarterly” figures and that will be the exit strategy for 2013.
BUT: ideally we will sell more then enough subs and can go forward with the full 2013 sub which includes a sub only figure. It will not be done by vote this year. It is already in the works.
Last year we got the bare min number of sub holders with almost nothing to show. This year fans will see the entire 2012 line, the first 3-4 2013 figures and already own the first 3-5 2012 figs. So we hope it will be a better sell in with so much more to share and experience. I am personally not afraid of it selling in. I think fans/customers will have a much better idea of what the sub is all about and if we got the bare min with almost nothing to show last year, this year will go so much better and no need to worry about an “exit plan”.

Masters of the Universe

Q: Was there a specific reason why Thunder Punch He-Man was given a lighter (less tan) complexion than past He-Man figures?
A: Both the Horsemen and Mattel design wanted to offer something a little different from previous releases to make the figure stand out on your shelf.

Q: Matty, since the release of Draego-Man, several fans online have been discussing the possibility of the Horsemen getting to design an all-new character each year, perhaps as an out-of-sub figure. Would that be possible?
A: The great news is there are 5 more all new figures coming in 2012 including Mighty Spector, Sir Laser-Lot a figure designed by Terrie Higuchi from Mattel design and the fan contest winner. There are no plans right now to continue this in 2013, but you never know what the future will bring.

Q: Will Mattel ever release parts to build figures for MOTC like they do for some of the other lines they currently produce?
A: No. No plans for C&C for MOTUC, instead we do large scale figures like Battlecat and Shadowbeasts.

Q: Fun teaser pic of Mosquitor! Will we see more of these fun teaser images in the future, especially in these lulls between conventions? It’s a great way to hint at upcoming releases without worrying about leaked rumors and without revealing the full toy!
A: Now that Toy Fare magazine is no more, yes we will find cool ways of sneaking out some reveals between conventions.

Q: I hope this constitutes as a valid question, but did Matty collector scrap those 3.75″ Super Deformed Masters Of The universe toys they showed off awhile back? They looked really cool.
A: Not in the least. We are still looking into these to see if there is a way to release them. No set plans right now.

Q: Will there be an actual prototype of the fan creation contest winner at SDCC or just concept art shown?
A: A prototype and possibly even a tool’d close to final figure will be shown!

Q: I was wondering if there was any chance for more Green Lantern Movie Masters Here on Matty?
A: As much as I would love one, there just are not plans right now.


Q: We know new tooling takes over a year from concept to product, but how quickly can a simpler change like paint deco– such as Daniel Bryan’s white-hot “Yes!” catchphrase shirt– be turned around? This seems like a great way to stay as current as possible with the characters in the series.
A:Yes they certainly are. No plans right now but stay tuned!

Q: Is is possible to make Punk in his “Cubs” attire, with red C’s instead of stars?
A: There are probably some copyright issues there…


Q: Way back when the GB sub was canceled you promised there would be something for those that signed up for 2012. It has been months now, what is it? Thanks.
A: Yup. It is coming. We are just waiting to have samples in before announcing it. But it will happen.


Q: Besides CS holds, can we expect the Voltron pieces to be resold in future months or as a set of 5 at the end of the year?
A: We may sell off any remaining customer service stock at the end of the year, but there will not be more production.

Q: Can you provide an update on the Voltron Force toy line? Was the line cancelled due to low ratings/performance of the animated series?
A: It is still on hiatus waiting on the right retail partner.


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