Avengers Movie Spoiler: What’s Next For Marvel Heroic Cinema? It’s Cosmic!

It’s been widely reported that you should stay through the Avenger movie credits as there are two easter eggs featured. The first actually seeds Marvel’s next movie storyline. It is likely this will be part of the next eventual Avengers movie and/or play itself out through the other upcoming Marvel solo hero movies.

Before I reveal the villain that is teased at the end of the Avengers film, I’d like to remind you of an easter egg from the Thor movie. A weapon that was part of Odin’s vault and featured prominently on the Marvel Comics website around the movie’s release.

Yes, that’s the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet that has made huge waves in Marvel Comics! With that, it was natural that at the end of the Avengers film the next big bad of Marvel Cinema would be…. Thanos!

(Not actual image from movie) 😉

Very cool.

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