Avengers Box Office: Actuals Have It Finishing Weekend With $207.4 Million

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How big is Marvel’s The Avengers? Doing the math, if we take its domestic total of its record-breaking opening weekend ($207.4 million) and its foreign total of $447.4 million we get a global accumulation of $654.8 million!

To steal a character from Marvel’s X-Men, that’s what you call a Juggernaut.

While it may have not surpassed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 gigantic Friday opening of $91 million, the Marvel Studios release broke or set these records over the weekend:

1. Opening weekend – $207.4 million
2. Money earned on a Saturday – $69.5 million
3. Money earned on a Sunday – $57.0 million
4. Fastest to $100 Million – 2 Days
5. Fastest to $150 Million – 2 Days
6. Fastest to $200 Million – 3 Days
7. Top Weekend Per-Screen Average – $47,698

Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige released the following statement today regarding the unparalleled success of The Avengers: “Marvel’s The Avengers is something we’ve been carefully building toward since we began production on the first Iron Man film, and it is quite rewarding for all of us that The Avengers is appealing around the globe to both passionate fans and general audiences alike. It is a testament to all involved with this film that audiences across the board are embracing the film in this record-setting way.”

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