Inside Pulse Summer Movie Preview – July 2012

With Marvel’s The Avengers breaking box office records with its early May release, it is strange to see such a gap in between comic-book movie releases this summer. But July has a pair of spandex tales. One is much anticipated, while the other is a reboot of sorts, just five years removed from the last installment. And while most of June was regulated to seeing a number of independent (translation: “minor”) titles get released, July looks to up the comedy quotient with a pair of mainstream titles, plus Oliver Stone in Natural Born Killers/U-Turn mode with his latest film.

July 6th

Did we really need a Spider-Man reboot?  Probably not but July 4th kicks off with one of the most American of heroes in The Amazing Spider-Man.  This time Andrew Garfield is stepping into the tights for one of the year’s biggest films that’ll probably be forgotten about in a couple weeks after its release.  Also in wide release will be Savages, Oliver Stone’s action thriller about a pair of pot dealers (the kid from Kick-Ass and John Carter, himself) trying to rescue their girlfriend (Blake Lively) from Mexican drug dealers.  It looks remarkably violent and commercial for Oliver Stone, a two-time Oscar winner for Best Director.  The Katy Perry documentary Part of Me also comes out this week, as well, but Stone’s film will end up being the best.

Pick of the week: Savages (watch the trailer)

July 13th

Leave the kids in the latest Ice Age sequel, mom and dad can do, while they watch TedTed marks the directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane, creator of everything animated on Fox Sunday night that isn’t The Simpsons and lasts longer than six weeks (looking at you Jonah Hill), as he looks at the friendship of Mark Wahlberg and a fluffy bear that’s alive.  It looks remarkably filthy but will we be able to tolerate two hours of a plush bear that sounds like Peter Griffin?  It’ll still be better than Ice Age: Continental Drift, though, which is a franchise that kids love.

Pick of the week: Ted (watch the trailer)

July 20th

Christopher Nolan is walking away from Batman, as is the rest of the cast it seems, after The Dark Knight Rises.  It’s also this week’s only release as everyone is clearing their slate for what should be the biggest film of 2012.  And let’s face it; it’s going in with super high expectations and most likely will exceed them.

Pick of the week: The Dark Knight Rises (watch the third and final trailer)

July 27th

Everyone’s expecting Nolan’s latest to have a fairly strong holdover for week 2 as the next weekend is strictly counter programming.  The latest Step Up sequel, Step Up: Revolution, is coming out as well as the year’s most awkwardly anticipated film: The Watch (previously titled Neighborhood Watch).  So far it’s still on the radar for release BUT with the whole George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin murder trial most likely getting underway sometime around now it’ll stand a good chance of being bumped.  It’s a shame because it’s probably a pretty funny film BUT has the absolute worst timing.

Pick of the week: The Watch (watch the red-band trailer)

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