Revenge Review – #OccupyRevenge

I don’t know why I have such a hard time recapping Revenge, since it’s one of my favorite shows. One easy explanation is that it airs on Wednesday nights, which is also when Survivor airs and that’s a show I’ve been reviewing faithfully since the blog began. Another reason is that it comes on late – 11pm where I am – and I usually watch it in bed. It’s also a more enthralling show, and I tend not to recap those as I’m watching like I do for others.

What I do know is that I think the best writing and discussion will come from a post-season review, because each episode of Revenge is like a piece of a puzzle and I can’t wait to look at the season as a whole.

Tonight, the third last episode of the season will air and I’m literally on the edge of my seat with excitement over what will happen in these last three episodes. Last week’s twist, that the apple of Daniel did not fall so far from the Grayson tree after all, was absolutely delicious. Now that Daniel knows everything about how David Clarke was an innocent scapegoat whose life was ruined by the Graysons, and rather than revealing that information he accepted it and his role within the family and company with open arms, Emily has a license to ruin his life as well.

We’ve never really known just how much, if at all, Emily truly cared for Daniel. But we did know that she didn’t want to see Daniel and Charlotte hurt, they were never her targets. That has changed, but marrying Daniel has not. She still plans on going along with the wedding. It’s so juicy I can barely stand it.

Emily also figured out that Nolan had been withholding information from Emily – a journal that her father had been writing in the day he was murdered. Not only was he honoring David’s wishes, Nolan was protecting someone close to him. Emily, of course, figured it out anyway. Nolan’s aunt had worked for the Graysons and he was having her investigate Grayson Global from the inside. The day Emily’s dad was killed, he realized how much danger his aunt was in and had her go into hiding immediately, leaving everything behind. They’d faked her death, and he hadn’t told Emily to protect her. Protecting one’s family, that was something Em could understand.

Also in last week’s episode, Jack made it clear to Daniel that his parents were somehow involved in covering up Tyler’s murder by letting him know that it was his bloody hoodie that had been found in the car. When Ashley parlayed her gig as Grayson spokeswoman into a PR job with Daniel’s lawyer, Victoria put a stop to it by suggesting that Ashley was more conniving than she looks – they figured out that she’d leaked the crime scene photos. Luckily for Ashley, the willingness to get one’s hands dirty is a trait appreciated over at Grayson Global, and Conrad offered her a job. And, of course, we saw Victoria prepare to reveal Conrad as a domestic terrorist. Yowza!

I think we’re in store for a good episode tonight, as this piece reveals that we’ll be flashing back to reveal some of the history behind Emily’s big vendetta. I can’t wait!