AVX Spoilers: Who Switches Sides?

Side switching was bound to come in to play as the event moved on, and I have to say, the choices were made pretty well.

For instance, just because Wolverine is anti-Cyclops does not mean that any of his X-Men are anti-Cyclops. For the most part they are just pro-students, and are with him to help the kids. This is something that a lot of people (i.e. Wolverine, any Avenger not wanting an extra fiht) don’t seem to understand. They expect cooperation from anyone at Logan’s school.

Unfortunately for them, a lot of the allegiances run deep. Iceman, for instance, makes his stance very clear. He’s going to go fight with Scott and help the X-Men, and once it’s over, he’s coming back to the school to work. He’s going to side with one of his best friends when he believes that he’s right, not the guy who asked him to come help run the school.


At the same time, double agent Rachel Grey is making the full shift to side with her father. Rachel is a former host of the Phoenix Force, and living proof that the Avengers don’t know a damn thing about what they presume to be guarunteed death and destruction and nothing else. If Hope is the new avatar, Rachel wants to be there to help her handle the power and stress.

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