New 52’s August 5th Week Titles: 5 One-Shots Including Justice League’s Big 4 Heroes

With the buzz surrounding DC Comics’ first wave of 2012 one-shot Annuals (Teen Titans plus Batman and Animal Man), it looks like they’re pulling the trigger on 5 more 2012 Annuals!

They all are coming out the last week of August so it appears this will be DC’s 5th week books. They will likely be joined by non New 52 ongoing books including any mini-series still going on at the time (if the previous 5th week is a guide).

Check out the official news below with my perspective to cap it off at the end. 🙂

Detective Comics Annual #1 (On Sale August 29, 2012)

“This special Annual, written by Tony S. Daniel and illustrated by Romano Molenaar and Sandu Florea, pits the Dark Knight against the Black Mask—a Gotham City villain most recently seen during the Night of the Owls!,” BATMAN group editor Mike Marts told THE SOURCE.

Superman Annual #1 (On Sale August 29, 2012)

“Ever wonder what’s out there beyond the farthest known reaches of the DC Universe?” writer Keith Giffen teased to THE SOURCE. “Superman’s about to get the answer to that – in spades – as we introduce an entirely new cosmic realm and drop him into the middle of it. The DC Universe’s cosmic presence is about to be dramatically expanded and it all starts with … a game show?”

“Captured and transported to an alien world, Superman will fight for his life against the galaxy’s best equipped bounty hunters,” editor Pat McCallum told THE SOURCE about the 48-page issue. “It’s all part of a planet-wide reality game, televised live and used to raise money for…something. BONUS: Some unexpected help in the form of a deep-cover agent of the Green Lantern Corps!”

Flash Annual #1 (On Sale August 29, 2012)

“One by one, the Flash’s rogues have been returning to the pages of THE FLASH — along with some new faces, like the mysterious Turbine,” Editor Matt Idelson told THE SOURCE. “But surely everyone’s been waiting for the main event, and we’re thrilled to tell you it’s coming your way in THE FLASH ANNUAL! The reunited Rogues hate the Flash just as much as they always have (if not more) — but this time, they’re gunning for Captain Cold, too! It’s all-out mayhem, everybody vs. everybody, with an even bigger and nastier threat preparing to swing into the fray at exactly the wrong time…”

Green Lantern Annual #1 (On Sale August 29, 2012)

GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 reunites the acclaimed creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver, who have previously collaborated on such titles as GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, GREEN LANTERN: THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR and THE FLASH: REBIRTH.

“Working with Ethan means things change, things are revealed and new characters rise,” Geoff Johns revealed to THE SOURCE. “It’s the madness of our collaborations that started all this and will continue it. The universe is a dangerous place. And it’s about to get even more so…”

“GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 not only brings the Black Hand story to a truly unexpected close, but sets up the major events that will heavily impact the entire Green Lantern franchise in a truly devastating way,” continued editor Matt Idelson. “And there’s no more appropriate pairing for this book than reuniting Geoff Johns with Ethan Van Sciver, given the Green Lantern history those two have under their belts.”

Justice League International Annual #1 (On Sale August 29, 2012)

“This is the final fate of this incarnation of the Justice League International,” DiDio teased to THE SOURCE. “There will be also be a big showdown of events that played out in the final issues of O.M.A.C. The ramifications of this will be felt across the board and will lead directly into a major event spanning across all the Justice League group titles later this year.”

“Illustrated by Jason Fabok, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL #1 will tie into the shocking events of JUSTICE LEAGUE #12. Guest-starring Blue Beetle…”

BABOS’ Take: Having 5th week books that are New 52 Annuals is a nice way to showcase select series and set up future storylines. These should be goo introductory books that set up storylines into 2012/13. Some like Flash seem to be a culmination of current storylines while Justice League International helps establish the book’s ties to the mega-popular Justice League. August 29th looks to be a good week for DC comics. I wonder what non ongoing New 52 books will join it on shelves from DC.

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