Glee Episode 3-19 Review – Jurassic Prom

It’s Thursday, and I’m only just watching Glee. And I almost saved it for Friday night – that’s how little I care about this show at this point. But, like many of you, I want to at least finish out the season so watch it I did.

We began with Rachel packing all her dreams away in a box, because NYADA is the only place one can study musical theatre and because she choked on one audition, she is now destined to never do anything with her talent and remain barefoot and pregnant in Ohio forever. It’s the rules.

Prom Problems

Turns out Brittany forgot to plan the prom. “And then I stopped talking for a while,” was, I hope, a meta commentary on how little we saw of her character over the past several episodes. Anyway, the entire prom committee scene was comedy gold. There should be an escalator to heaven for the disabled.

The nominees for prom king included the ginger mulleted hockey player, Brittany, and Finn. For prom queen is was some pretty popular girl, Santana, and Quinn. So…I guess no one informed the rest of McKinley that Finn and Quinn are no longer together?

In keeping with her theme, Brittany announced that refreshments at prom would be “berries, meat and rainwater”. I love this girl. She also banned hair gel from the prom, which was terrible news for Blaine.

Because it had been about 10 seconds since Rachel was abhorrent, she freaked out at Finn for campaigning with Quinn and then vaguely compared the horrors of almost dying and being paralyzed in a car accident to not getting into NYADA. Oh, Rachel. That was ugly. Almost as ugly as singing “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.

OK, I’m lying. I really want to hate that song, but I actually kind of dig it. And I was glad it wasn’t a Rachel solo.

After whining about their hair problems, jealousy issues and bullying worries (OK, that concern was legit), Rachel, Blaine and Kurt decided to hold an anti-prom. Santana called it like it was – Rachel was being a pouty, selfish baby.

Walk This Way

Just to rub in how horrid Rachel’s feelings of jealousy were, we checked in with Quinn at physiotherapy, where she was rocking learning how to walk again with the help of Teen Jesus.

And then? More awesomeness! Helen Mirren as Becky’s voice in her head. I love it.

Finn felt uncomfortable helping Quinn campaign for prom queen because she was using her injury to get pity votes, but that was before he found out that she could actually walk. I mean, to be fair, Quinn can’t exactly walk. She can stand up and move a couple steps. He didn’t exactly walk into the bathroom and catch her doing jumping jacks.


So the Dinosaur Prom? It actually happened, and it included Brittany singing a cheesy Ke$ha song while dressed like a cave girl. So it was already one million times better than any other prom, ever. Santana taking the lead on a Selena Gomez song with Brittany and Tina was pretty great too -especially because Brittany was donning yet another tiny top hat! Just like last year! I want a tiny top hat.

My appreciation for teen bubblegum pop ends there. The song the boys sang? No idea what it is, and I’m not Googling it because I don’t want to know. I know it’s by the new boy band I’m avoiding knowing anything about. That’s all I need.

Meanwhile, the anti-prom with Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Becky turned out to be a total dud. After getting into a fight with Quinn, Finn went to get Rachel and she, Kurt and Blaine went to real prom after all. And Blaine’s curly, poofy, non-gelled hair? Awesome. Actually, it really wasn’t as bad as everyone seemed to think.

Puck stuck around the hotel room and played strip poker with Becky, because that’s appropriate. It was pretty cute when Puck crowned Beck the Anti-Prom Queen, though. Even though attending prom wearing crowns made of a beer box is a bit odd. And then she helped Puck spike the prom punch, which was hilarious.

Quinn and Santana counted up the prom court votes, finding that Finn won by a lot and Quinn beat Santana by only one vote. But Quinn’s victory didn’t make her feel any different, so she decided to make a difference instead. Finn still won prom king, but instead they declared that Rachel had won with write-in votes. Obviously, it was a lie. And I was kind of expecting them to give it to Becky. I mean, even with Rachel’s declaration of friendship to Quinn in the hallway, was it really something she needed? Or deserved?

Also, weird that Quinn chose that moment to reveal to everyone that she can walk again, right? Sigh.

In the end, I think “Prom-asaurus” is a good example of what’s been wrong with Glee all season. This wasn’t a terrible episode, by any means. In fact, it was pretty OK. But it was a HUGE tonal shift from last week’s episode which, you’ll remember, heavily featured a domestic violence storyline. Where was Coach Beiste this week? Will that storyline ever be picked up again, or are we just to assume that it’s going along in the background, happening off screen. Maybe her husband hit her again, maybe he didn’t?

Glee has had such an up and down season, and the tone shifts are just too much for me. Furthermore, the highs aren’t as high as they used to be and the lows seem to be getting lower. There are three more episodes left in the season, and at this point I just want to get them over with so I can know what happens and move on. What did you guys think?