My Five Favorite Things About Cougar Town This Week

Tuesday night’s episode was a really good one, wasn’t it? Here’s what I loved:

  1. Travis and Laurie didn’t get together, but shared some sweet moments. I’ve been pretty vocal about not wanting a relationship between those two to happen, and I still feel that way. But it was really sweet to watch Trav help Laurie figure out her relationship with Wade while he’s so in love with her. Maybe eventually I won’t be so weirded out by the idea of Travis and Laurie.
  2. Hurricane party! This is so something I would do, and I tend to like Cougar Town best when it makes me feel like I could either be in or have my own cul-de-sac crew. The indoors, wine, candles and parlor games? That’s my jam.
  3. The Perfect Storm. But if you’re going to be outside during a hurricane, you might as well be on a stationary boat in a parking lot, pretending to be in The Perfect Storm. And Ellie yelling “I’m only an OK storm. I’m not a perfect storm!” after splashing Jules with water instead of Bobby was great.
  4. One definite Community shout-out in the title card, and a fun connection when Laurie mentioned that one of her ex-boyfriends blew himself up in a meth lab explosion.
  5. Um, that method of cheating in ‘Celebrity’ is genius.

Bonus Quote isn’t really a quote this week, because everything that was sad regarding Grayon’s closing time slogan was amazing. Especially Ellie’s.

The future for Cougar Town is still pretty shaky. With ABC it’s very much on the bubble, and who knows where the talks about it moving to TBS will lead. I sure hope it gets another season, though.

**Cougar Town on TBS is now official. Yay!