New Girl Episode 1-24 Finale Review – Stranded

Last night, New Girl concluded its first season with a lovely, funny episode that really exemplifies what a great series this show has developed into. It hit all the right notes for the various characters, a major conflict was resolved, and we’re left wondering what will happen in season two.

Oh, and there was amazing dancing.

I just had to share those. The closing credits were so happy, fun and delightful. And that’s what this show is about. It’s about friends and roommates who are funny and delightful and silly, and they’re glad their friend isn’t moving out yet after all.

This episode saw Nick leave to move in with Caroline, only to panic and head to the Californian desert instead – throwing the keys to his moving van down a small cliff. Jess and CeCe came to rescue the boys, and Jess pretended to throw her keys away too. She wouldn’t be the one to drive Nick back to a living situation he obviously didn’t want to face.

Not only was Nick’s conflict about getting back together with Caroline important for the romantic tension between him and Jess, but it was important for their friendship as well. The things she said to him in this episode really showed how a year of living together has created a deep friendship between them.

When the whole gang was camped out in the desert, it was fun just watching them be themselves together, dancing to silly 90s tunes and making fun of one another. It was fitting that the season finale featured such a great ensemble moment, because this has become a great ensemble show.

I’m not sure how I feel about Schmidt and CeCe breaking up already, after sharing such a sweet moment while visiting CeCe’s grandmother last week. I get what they’re doing – even though Schmidt and CeCe might be right for one another, neither of them is necessarily ready for a serious relationship right now. But I’m still bummed that they’re broken up already, because we didn’t get to see them try very hard.

Ultimately, Nick realized he really didn’t want to be with Caroline and came back home – hence the awesome dance party. Even though we knew this would happen, I still loved seeing it. What did you guys think?

Favorite Quotes & Moments:

  • “What am I going to do with all the extra money I have now that I don’t have to cover for you. Maybe I’ll buy a city!” – Winston
  • “He’s not fooling anyone. Just because he’s a snappy dresser, you think the mice don’t see the hammer? Mice come from all over the building to laugh.” – Jess
  • “He looks like he’d let me give him a haircut.” – Winston
  • “So that’s it. I took my fair share of rubber bands, so I don’t want to hear about it. In my room, there’s a shoebox. In the shoebox, there’s a guinea pig that I said I would bury… so please deal with it.” – Nick (Ed. Note: This line made me laugh hysterically for several minutes. Don’t ask me why.)
  • Schmidt: “We need to talk.”
    Cece: “This isn’t another one of those ‘Merlot is the whore of the vineyard’ talks, is it?”
  • Schmidt’s entire White Fang sequence. (Also, he has more than White Fang on his Kindle. He has a subscription to Cricket and a lot of PDFs.)
  • “How’s the apartment? Does it smell like fresh paint and compromise?” – Jess
  • “I’m worried about Schmidt. He’s a Jew in the desert—I don’t want him to wander.” – Winston
  • “Don’t touch me. There’s pee everywhere.” – Winston