Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 5.10.12 (Bobby Roode, Mr. Anderson, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy)

– Haven’t watched Impact since the last PPV so I guess I should catch up before tonight. Been a busy month around here & I’m still working with two busted eardrums so bare with me.

– Roode’s haircut is growing on me. It was such a shock at the beginning, I wasn’t sure about it but now it definitely works.

– I like the idea of all of these babyfaces trying to get to the champion & yet the heel champion still coming out on top. This might be a great time to set up some kind of “hired” guns for Bobby Roode to work in a type of Corporation role with him as the centerpiece.

– Really good opening segment with Hogan being VERY clear on all the stipulations. Everyone played their parts really well.

– Like Bully Ray challenging for the X-Division title since the TV title means nothing. But I still don’t know how, when or why Austin Aries turned babyface!

– “Velvet Sky’s entrance is always an uplifting experience” – real subtle Taz.

– Sorry, Velvet. Your butt doesn’t even come close.

– Pushing someone like Brooke Tessmacher when there so much other better in-ring talent feels very Diva-ish. Here’s hoping she and Gail Kim can prove me wrong Sunday but my hopes aren’t very high.

– “Final Confrontation”? Because Matt Morgan is WWE bound? The only way he would make any type of impact in the WWE is if he bypasses development and jumps right up to the main roster. I really see no reason why he shouldn’t be able to.

– I’m bored by Crimson but definitely a better heel than babyface.

– Dumb storyline but a cool video for Abyss.

– This guys must not be a very smart man for a lawyer if he thinks he has to pay to get into the Impact Zone.

– Bully Ray has been in more segments this week than anyone else I believe.

– It’s amazing to see how stale the Mr. Anderson character has gotten without the WWE machine behind him. He was once posed to become a World or WWE Champion and now I just feel like he’s reached his peak.

– Despite the randomness of Kaz’s haircut, looks good on him. More importantly, it makes him look like a different Kaz and that’s always good when a career seems to be floundering.

– TNA does very few romance/scandal angles but they ALWAYS seem to feature AJ Styles.

– Pretty funny how the crowd was still behind Styles when they know both he and Dixie Carter are married to other people.

– Zack Ryder’s character began to work only after beginning his YouTube show, where you were able to see more dimensions of his character. Robbie E has been a caricature since the beginning & has done nothing to evolve.

– Formulaic 4 way match but good for TV. Can’t say I’m excited for either of these two matches on Sunday though.

– Ok that Abyss thing was just confusing. Not a good way to end a go home show.

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