Rasslin’ Roundtable — TNA Sacrifice 2012 PPV (Bobby Roode, RVD, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy)

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Bobby Roode (c) vs. Rob Van Dam Ladder
TNA World Heavyweight Championship

M.C. Brown: While RVD might be a good choice to dethrone Roode, it’s also a way for Roode to win without pinning a top face. I also think RVD eventually should return to a cocky heel, so maybe after a loss here, it might start the swing that way for him.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Steven Gepp: This feels like a throwaway title defence against a credible opponent to make the champ look good. I actually don’t have high hopes for this one. Roode isn’t a ‘ladder match’ type of guy, and is it just me or does RVD look out of sorts, ring-wise? Maybe a step older or slower?
Winner: Roode

CB: There is no reason RVD should win the title in this spot. I don’t love Roode but TNA should keep building him up to an eventual rematch with Storm at some point.
Winner: It pays to be Roode

Kurt Angle vs. A.J. Styles

M.C. Brown: Not sure who is the heel here since I’ve missed some of the last few Impacts, but I’ll go with Kurt.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Steven Gepp: What, no Dixie carter on a pole match? What is this? I think some sort of schmozz will happen, involving Dixie, Hulk, maybe Flair and possibly a hamster (who will immediately be over with the crowd when he suplexes Flair off the top rope, which will cause Flair to bleed buckets). I actually think this could be a good match, but it will be ruined by extraneous crap.
Winner: Angle

CB: I actually saw these two lock up last July at a TNA BaseBrawl house show in Coney Island. It was a less than memorable match and I didn’t like the chemistry they had in the ring. I expect more of the same here, with some Kaz and Daniels interference to continue the Dixie-AJ storyline that was revealed on Impact.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe and Magnus (c) vs. Daniels and Kazarian Tag Team
TNA World Tag Team Championship

M.C. Brown: Still have to keep building up Joe and Magnus
Winners: Joe and Magnus

Steven Gepp: Something involving AJ Styles – even though he’s wrestling Angle – looks set to happen here. Does Dixie come down and screw Kaz/Daniels out of the win? Does AJ interfere (either Styles or DB’s ex)? Will the hamster ever play piano again? These questions and more most likely will not be answered. Anyway, this should be MOTN, given limited shenanigans, carryings-on and whatnot.
Winner: Magnus/Joe

CB: I love Joe and Magnus together, and I hope they keep the belts for a long time while kicking ass and taking names, leading to a MCMG vs. Magnus/Joe showdown once Sabin is fully recovered. Man, this PPV is sounding like a placeholder more and more.
Winners: Joe/Magnus

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

M.C. Brown: Jeff needs a PPV victory here.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Steven Gepp: Who cares?
Winner: Hardy

CB: Haven’t these two wrestled each other enough in TNA? I don’t really understand the point of this rehash either, so this is bathroom break material for sure.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

M.C. Brown: If the title isn’t on the line, then A-Double probably isn’t winning this one. At least this time. Same with Ray needing a PPV win and to stay both relevant & in the title hunt.
Winner: Bully Ray

Steven Gepp: People have been going on about how Bully has a new lease on life as a single’s wrestler, blah, blah, blah. Well, on the mic he has been great. But in the ring, he’s still Buh-Buh Dudley, and Aries will still have to slow down to make the match watchable. Expecting mediocrity.
Winner: Aries (I hope)

CB: Yes, Steven, Bully Ray *does* have a new lease on life as a solo heel, and I’ve enjoyed his mic work. Ray vs. Aries will be a fun match and I think they work well together. I think Aries should go over, but wouldn’t be surprised either way.
Winner: Austin Aries

Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher
TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

M.C. Brown: Would love to see Brooke win. Maybe so much that I might even pick her here for this one.
Winner(and new Champion): Brooke Tessmacher

Steven Gepp: This feels like a throwaway title defence against a credible opponent to make the champ look good. I actually don’t have high hopes for this one. Just a placeholder until Mickie James is ready to rumble.
Winner: Kim

CB: The clear winner here is Joseph Hargrove … and Brooke Tessmacher. It’s time for Gail to drop the Knockouts title, and TNA has been pushing Brooke pretty hard lately, so…
Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

Devon (c) vs. Robbie E and Robbie T
2 on 1 Handicap match for the TNA Television Championship

M.C. Brown: Why? Heaven Only knows WHY?!?
Winner: Devon(Please?)

Steven Gepp: What, these 3 have been fighting for a worthless title for 2 or 3 months now. No one else is on the roster? Just let it end! Rob T gets screwed by Rob E, turns face to the indifference of everyone.
Winner: Devon

CB: Devon had his little “thank you” run with the TV title, and now TNA will move on to crown a new champion … in Robbie T. That’s right, Rob Terry has “the look” that has kept him employed, and by giving him the TV title they will get to put him in the ring every week in title matches — faults and all — to force-feed him to the Impact Wrestling fans. Not that I want to see this, but…
Winner: Robby T.

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