TNA Sacrifice PPV Live Streaming Coverage (Bobby Roode, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle)

Welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of TNA Sacrifice!  Join me tonight as I recap the events as they happen! Your card is as follows…

1.  TNA World Heavyweight Championship:  Bobby Roode (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

2.  Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

3.  TNA World Tag Team Championship:  Samoa Joe and Magnus (c) vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

4.  Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

5.  Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

6.  TNA Knockout’s Championship:  Gail Kim (c) vs. Miss Tessmacher

7.  TNA Television Championship 2-on-1 Handicap Match:  Devon (c) vs.  Robbie E and Robbie T

And the show starts… now!

Starting things off hot with the Tag Team Title Match!

TNA World Tag Team Championship:  Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Daniels and Magnus start this off.  Daniels focuses on the arm and they exchange holds.  Magnus hits the rope and shouldberblocks him down.  Magnus slams Daniels.  Daniels throws him into the corner and rams him with his shoulder.  Magnus gets out and hits a big high vertical suplex.  Daniels takes punches from Magnus and Joe(on the side).  Joe tags in and hits a ton of strikes.  Daniels is set up in the bottom of the corner, Joe goes for the big kick, but Kaz pulls out Daniels.  Daniels tags Kaz who didn’t want in and Joe pulls him in.  Magnus tags in and they hit a big spinebuster into a big boot.  Magnus throws Kaz off the ropes and hits a big flapjack.  Daniels cheapshots Magnus and Kaz leg drops Magnus.  He waylays on Magnus.  Kaz tags in Daniels who taunts before hitting an elbow from the apron.  They tag in and out working over Magnus.  Kaz hits another leg drop on Magnus before locking in a chinlock.  Magnus tries to move to Joe, but Daniels runs in and attacks Joe enraging him.  They double team Magnus while the ref is distracted.  Joseph Park is in the audience.  Kaz locks in a submission, but Magnus is Hulking up and he does.  Kaz rakes the eyes, but Magnus reverses and hits a big clothesline.  Magnus gets the hot tag and in comes Joe.  Joe hits a scoop slam.  Joe destroys them before being cheapshotted from Daniels.  Magnus tags in and Joe is taken out by Kaz on the outside.  Joe hits a peelee on Daniels leading to Magnus hitting a big elbow, but Kaz pulls out Magnus.  Joe gets a head of steam and runs over the top rope.  Magnus slams Kaz’s head on the ring apron.  Chop block from Kaz leads to a High-Low from Kaz and Daniels to lead to a three count.

Winners (and NEW Tag Team Champions): Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Taz and Tenay lie about trending worldwide again.

TNA Knockouts Championship:  Gail Kim (c) vs. Miss Brooke Tessmacher

Gail knocks her down and throws her into the ropes and starts stomping on her.  Gail talks trash before hitting her with a forearm.  Brooke takes over and hits a drop kick.  Gail hops on the top rope and hits a clothesline.  Brooke dodges the Eat Defeat.  Gail kicks Tessmacher in the ribs and then hits her with a European uppercut.  Brooke fights back, but Gail stomps her down.  Gail whips her into the corner and then hits her with side in the corner. Gail talks trash before stepping on Brooke’s throat.  Gail hits a backbreaker across her knee and then stretches the body out.  Brooke fights out with knees.  Gail hits a short clothesline and more taunting.  She rubs her butt in Brooke’s face before stepping on her throat some more.  Gail throws her into the rope, but Brooke his a big flying forearm.  Ref counts them down as they stand up at 6.  Brooke starts firing up hitting big forearms.  She whips her into the corner before charging and hitting a big facebuster.  She climbs to the top and hits a big elbow drop for a close two.  Brooke goes for some move, but Gail turns it into the Eat Defeat which is reversed.  Brooke hits the Eat Defeat on Gail.  Gail rolls out.  Brooke brings her back in for the two count.  She argues with the ref until Gail rolls her up and uses the rope for leverage for the three count.

Winner (and STILL Knockouts Champion): Gail Kim

Jeremy Borash interviews the new tag team champions.  Kaz says that they’ve earned their keep by beating up people and winning titles.  Daniels says that AJ Styles used Dixie to get to the top and that AJ’s nightmare is just beginning.  Also that the world now has permission to worship them.

Next up the TV title.

Television Championship:  Devon (c) vs Robbie E vs Robbie T

Devon starts taking both down with punches until big Rob Terry strikes him down.  Devon reverses a charge in the corner and takes Rob Terry out of the ring.  Robbie E is trying to negotiate out of Devon’s punishment.  Devon strikes him and down and hits a big Lous Thesz press before knocking Terry back out.  He goes off the ropes, but Terry catches his feet and pulls him out under the ropes.  Terry throws him back in.  The heels regroup and Robbie E punches away on Devon and goes for a cover for two.  Devon fights back, but Terry stops him.  E is flown into the corner by Terry.  Terry hits a big forearm.  Terry sideslams Devon and Robbie E hits a big elbow from the top.  They go for a double team, but Devon fights out and takes them both down.  Devon hits a big splash in the corner before a shoulderblock moves Robbie E out of the picture.  Terry attacks from behind before hitting him with a running powerslam.  He goes for the pin, but E pulls the referee out so Terry can’t win.  The heels face off as Robbie E tries to explain.  He slaps Terry on the chest, but Terry stares him down into the corner.  Devon charges and splashes them into each other and then rolls up Rob Terry for the three count.

Winner (and STILL TV Champion):  Devon

Post-match, Robbie E backs into Terry who looks pissed.  Terry nods understandingly before acting like he was going to slam him and just gives him a hug.  Robbie E is ecstatic that he still is friends, but Terry seems still mad.

They recap the feud between Anderson and Hardy.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

They slap hands to begin this.  They lock arms into the corner and Anderson lets Hardy out.  Anderson locks in a side headlock.  Hardy throws him into the ropes before hitting a hip toss.  Jeff Hardy locks in an armbar.  Anderson reverses it and locks in an armbar of his own.  Anderson backs him into the corner.  Anderson rolls out after a hurricanrana from Hardy.  Jeff follows and runs and jumps off the steel steps onto the steel barricade as Anderson moved.  They roll back in and Jeff hits a big jawbreaker.  Jeff hits a Russian leg sweep.  Jeff puts Anderson in a weird pin attempt for a two.  Jeff hits a running forearm into the corner on Anderson.  Anderson kicks Jeff from the bottom of the corner.  He hits a clothesline for a two count.  He goes for another pin and gets a two count.  Anderson starts working on the shoulder with his knees and shoulder.  Jeff starts fighting out but Anderson stops it and hits a flying armbar for a two count.  Anderson hits a DDT on Jeff through the second rope for a two count.  Anderson locks in the armbar again.  Jeff punches out of it and he does and hits a variation Mic Check on Anderson.  Regardless, Anderson is up first but Jeff is taking over.  Anderson stops him and throws him into the ropes, but Hardy hits a running forearm.  Jeff ascends the top rope and misses with the Whisper in the Wind.  Anderson hits a Twist of Fate on Hardy.  Anderson climbs up to the top rope and attempts the Kenton Bomb, but Jeff gets his knees up and ascends himself.  Jeff Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb for a two count.  They stand up and start exchanging blows.  Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop.  Anderson rolls up Jeff after reversing a leg drop for the three count?

Winner:  Mr. Anderson

Post match- Anderson seems to argue with the ref as the end seems wrong.  The announcers debate on whether he kicked out or not.

Christy interviews Austin in the back.  Austin says he isn’t intimidated by Bully Ray.  He says that Bully has been abusing him, kicking him in the balls, beating him.  He says that this ‘little man’ is going to pick up all that 280 lbs of him and slams him.  Austin says he’s going to look mighty as he stands over Bully Ray.

They show a clip from last week showing Abyss returned.

They show JB in the crowd as he interviews Joseph Park.  He says that he rode all the rides he could fit on.  He said he made some new friends and that he’s really enjoying this.  JB asked him about his brother returning.  Joseph says he didn’t see it, but he wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up tonight.  He says he’s going to watch Austin Aries kick Bully Ray’s ass.

Crimson walks out and says that he slayed the 7 foot Matt Morgan last week and he didn’t even break a sweat.  He says all he does is win and that’s what he’s going to continue doing.  He says that no one here wants to fight.  He said he was here and that he’s still here and undefeated.  He calls in the referee.  The ref counts to 8 before Eric Young and ODB come out.  ODB says she’s beat bigger broads than him.  Eric Young says since they’re married that that’s his problem.  He walks in and locks arms with the referee.  Crimson attacks as the bell rings.

Crimson vs. Eric Young

Eric Young is whipped into the corner and stays on his head for a funny sight.  He falls down on Crimson’s shoulders and hurricanranas him.  Crimson throws Young over the top rope before coming back in.  Crimson knocks down Young.  Crimson sets up for the spear, but ODB distracts Crimson.  Eric Young takes off his pants revealing his flag underwear and unleashes on Crimson.  Eric takes a minute to check on ODB and gets hit by the Red Sky for the three count.

Winner:  Crimson

JB is in the back with Bully Ray.  JB asks Bully Ray about how can he compete with a much younger/faster Austin Aries?  Bully asks if he knows who he is?  Bully says he doesn’t do Twitter, he does mySpace.  Bully says he saw fear in Austin’s eyes.  Bully says he’s a twenty year veteran.  Bully says that Austin can’t pick him up.  He says Austin isn’t big enough or bad enough.

They recap the events leading up to Bully/Austin.

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Bully and Austin start talking trash to each other before the match getting them fired up.  Austin tries charging Bully but Bully hides by slipping his upper body through the ropes.  Austin kicks the second rope low-blowing Ray.  Austin charges him in the corner and then gets caught in a crossbody from the top and is slammed down.  Bully spits in Austin’s face and is followed by a slap from Austin.  Austin charges Ray but Ray elbows him down.  Bully stomps on Austin, but Austin bites his calf!  Bully throws him over the top rope on the apron.  Austin knees him through the ropes and brings his head down.  Austin climbs the top, but is booted by Ray off of it into the guard rail.  Austin pulls himself up into the ring and his back has some ugly discoloration from hitting the rail.  Bully starts pounding on his back.  Ray stomps on him in the bottom of the corner.  Bully asks the audience if the crowd knows who he is.  Bully powerslams Austin down hard.  Austin crawls his way up Bully and punches Bully to no reaction.  Bully locks in a bear hug.  He claps Bully’s head several times to get out, but Bully backdrops him as he comes off the ropes.  Bully chops Austin’s chest.  Austin stands right up and asks for another.  He obliges.  Austin gets up and strikes Bully several times asking for more.  Bully takes him down with a chop and tells him to stay down.  Austin pops back up and Bully rakes his eyes.  Austin rams Bully in the gut from the apron.  He skids Bully’s head along the rope and then hits a big running forearm in the corner.  Bully Ray hits a Rock Bottom on him for a close two count.  Austin gets out of the powerbomb and hits some strikes.  Bully throws Austin into the air for his Bubba Cutter.  Bully grabs the chain, but Joseph Park is moving to ringside.  Bully pulls him into the walkway and picks up a chair.  Austin hits a suicide dive onto Bully while he was distracted.  They move back inside and Austin hits a big Dropkick on him.  He picks up Bully Ray and hits his brain buster for a two count!  Bully hits a powerbomb, but Austin fights out and locks in his submission, the Last Chancery?, for the tap out.

Winner:  Austin Aries

They recap AJ Styles having pictures making out with Dixie Carter.

JB interviews AJ asking his thoughts.  AJ says that this isn’t the first time he’s fought Kurt.  He says he has to be 100% focused on his match.  AJ gets mad and says that he’s focused on the match, not the photos.

They recap AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

They match ground game to start.  Kurt takes him down Olympic style.  AJ slips outside to get away.  AJ hammers away on Angle and elbow him in the corner.  AJ tries to suplex Angle, but he reverses.  AJ catches Angle and tries to hit the Syles Clash, but Angle attempts the Ankle Lock.  They tie up in the middle of the ring.  Angle shoulders down AJ and then sidetakes down AJ and locks in a headlock.  AJ fights out, but is put back into the lock.  The crowd gets behind AJ and he throws Angle out and hits a big drop kick.  He suplexes Angle and hits a big knee drop to the head.  AJ sets up for the Styles Clash, but can’t lift him and instead hits a powerbomb for a two count.  AJ locks in a chinlock, but Angle fights out and AJ elbows him out.  AJ springboards over, but Angle dodges and hits a German suplex which AJ lands on his feet.  AJ goes for a big forearm in the corner, but Angle dodges and hits a belly to back suplex.  Angle punches him down and chokes him in the ropes.  He locks in a rear gutwrench on AJ’s ribs.  AJ fights out, hits the ropes and gets hit with a backbreaker.  Angle locks AJ’s ribs in with his legs.  AJ strikes Angle and then is hit with a big backdrop.  Angle drops down and gets a one count.  He locks in another side headlock.  AJ fights out and they collide in the middle taking both men down.  They get up and AJ hits a back breaker for a two count.  AJ hits a forearm to the face and gets a two count.  He attempts the Styles Clash, but Angle fights out.  Angle charges, but AJ dodges and he runs out of the ring.  AJ hits a big springboard forearm to the outside.  AJ rolls Angle back in, but gets caught in the ropes after Angle punted him.  Angle suplexes him back into the ring.  Angle sets AJ up on the turnbuckle and AJ knocks Angle down, but Angle runs back up and suplexes him off.  Angle sets up for the Angle Slam, but AJ hits a Peelee kick.  AJ nails the Styles Clash for a two count.  AJ is in disbelief.  AJ attempts a German suplex on Angle, but Angle reverses and hits it.  They struggle to get up as they start waylaying on each other.  AJ tries for a peelee kick off of the top rope but misses and Angle tries for the German suplex but can’t connect.   Finally he connects with the Angle Slam for a close two count.  Kurt picks up AJ for a Styles Clash, but AJ reverses it.  Angle goes for the Ankle Lock but AJ fights out, but is hit by a Styles Clash for a two count!  AJ fights back and hits a huge springboard backsplash for a close two count.  Kaz and Daniels come out and distract AJ Styles and Angle hits an Angle Slam for a two!  Angle locks in the Ankle Lock for the finish.

Winner:  Kurt Angle

Post-match  Kaz and Daniels jump AJ and Angle takes them down.  Angle shakes his hand afterwards and raises his hand.

JB interviews Bobby Roode who complains about RVD and his title being put up above the ring.  Roode says that in ten days that he will become the longest reigning TNA champion in history.

They recap Roode vs RVD.

TNA Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match:  Bobby Roode (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Roode boots RVD and we’re off.  RVD hits the ropes and bounces over Roode and hits a big kick to the face.  He hits a roundhouse in the corner.  RVD rolls out and looking for a ladder.  He finds it… already out.  Roode attacks him and smashes his head on the guardrail.  RVD kicks Roode in the face and smashes his face into the guardrail.  RVD sets Roode on the barricade and hits a 360 leg drop on him.  RVD rams Roode in the gut from the apron, but Roode kneelifts him and hits a big DDT in the center of the ring.  Roode goes outside and grabs the ladder.  RVD hits a baseball slide into the ladder into Roode outside.  RVD flips over the top rope and takes down Roode.  RVD rolls back in with the ladder and sets it up.  Roode crawls back in and clobbers him from behind and smashes him into the ladder.  Roode sets up the ladder in the corner and stomps away on RVD.  He goes to the opposite corner of the ladder and lays blows on RVD.  He whips RVD, but RVD reverses and Roode eats ladder.  RVD sets it up between the ropes and RVD whips Roode who reverses and RVD baseball slides under it.  Roode grabs his legs and flings RVD facefirst into the ladder.  Roode sets up the ladder laying on the second rope.  He attempts a suplex on it, but RVD reverses and hits the suplex instead.  RVD hits a second rope moonsault on to Roode who is still on the ladder.  RVD sets it up in the corner again.  Roode kicks RVD and whips him into the corner.  RVD elbows his charge and hits a spring kick from the second rope.  RVD rolls up Roode’s legs and sends him into the ladder in the corner.  RVD uses the ladder to choke Roode in the bottom corner.  RVD grabs a chair and hits the Van Terminator to the chair into the ladder into Roode!  RVD rolls outside and finds a gray ladder.  RVD sets it up and climbs up the ladder.  Roode scales the other side and they exchange blows atop the ladder.  RVD falls off, but accidentally hits the ladder knocking Roode off and the ladder falls directly on is head.  Roode grabs the gray ladder and lays it down.  RVD comes off the rope and Roode hits a big Spinebuster onto the ladder!  Roode slowly grabs the ladder and throws it down.  Roode picks up RVD, but RVD reverses him and hits a Monkey Flip onto the black ladder which is set between the second and third corner pad.  RVD hits the dragonlair on to the blue ladder and hits a Five-Star Frog Splash right on the gray ladder after Roode rolls away.  RVD rolls out in pain.  He crawls back in and Roode rams RVD with the ladder and looks up at his title.  He slowly sets up the gray ladder and slowly climbs it.  RVD starts getting back up and rolls back into the ring.  RVD leaps onto the ladder, but his leg goes through the ladder rung and the ladder collapses.  The ladder twists up RVD’s leg.  Roode quickly sets up the black ladder and RVD tries to climb behind him.  Roode kicks back and RVD’s head hits the steel chair still laying in the ring.  Roode crawls the remaining way up and grabbed the title as Rob tries to kick the ladder down.

Winner (and STILL TNA World Champion):  Bobby Roode

After the match RVD looks disappointed as he hobbles away on his bad ankle/knee.  Roode smirks in the ring as the show concludes.

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