Survivor: One World – Ponderosa Update

I’m all caught up on Survivor Ponderosa videos, and some of them are worth watching.

I watched Kat’s last weeek but didn’t have time to write about it before the finale. Kat really was an emotional wreck after getting voted out – she was sobbing in the van about how everyone lied to her, and questioning whether they’d even really liked her all along. She took it hard and very personally, but she pulled it together quickly and as we saw at Final Tribal Council, was able to move on more quickly than some of the other voted out players. So I think Kat’s first Ponderosa video is worth watching.

Kat was really upset with Alicia when she arrived at Ponderosa, though. There was screaming and fighting – this is one Ponderosa video you guys should definitely watch. Tarzan also gave her the cold shoulder, and Alicia was surprised people were holding grudges.

I am no Alicia fan, but I liked that she knew where she made a mistake, owned it, and didn’t hold a grudge. There’s nothing I hate more than people who get voted out and insist they did nothing wrong. Alicia said she never should have agreed to get rid of Tarzan, and that she shouldn’t have trusted Kim so much. But instead of being angry with Kim, she was impressed by her.

Even though Kat was so emotional the night Alicia arrived, she once again moved on pretty quickly and by the next day they were talking and hanging out together. Tarzan, however, had a really hard time forgiving Alicia and still wasn’t really speaking with her a couple days later. And Troy, he couldn’t admit at all that he’d been outplayed and couldn’t get past the fact that he was no longer in the game.

Other interesting tidbits: Christina lost over 20lbs, which was quite a bit for one of the girls (Alicia and Kat were both around 15lbs) and it seemed like there was some kind of flirty thing going on with Kat and Michael. I was surprised, I would have guessed her and Jay would be a likelier item.

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