Young Justice Invasion: One Of Three Missing Originals Makes A Shocking Return! (Spoiler’ish News)

For folks that have been following the Young Justice animated series, the second season of which is subtitled Invasion, you’ll know that it takes places 5 years since the season one finale with three of the originals missing in action (Aqualad, Artemis and Kid Flash).

In the most recent episode, the third of season two called Alienated, Aqualad made his season two debut, but not as expected.

Since the season one finale, Kuldar has learned that the villain Black Manta was his bilogical father and his girlfriend Tula became Aquagirl and died on a Young Justice mission. Both of these events, and feeling betrayed by Aquaman in the former case and Robin now grown-up Nightwing in the latter, have seemingly driven him to…. a life of villainy as Black Manta (jr.?). The original Black Manta is also in the episode in the same costume, and is embraced by the Light and Vandal Savage’s group of villains.

In the comics we’ve seen the rise and fall of Artemis, but yet to see her this season on TV. And, where is Kid Flash on TV? I imagine it’ll play out this season.

And, in light of all the cool things that’s happening in the comics with Hawkman, it was cool seeing him and Hawkwoman alongside the big players of the Justice league on TV. Although, they were all leaving Earth to answer for their “missing 16 hours” of mayhem at the end of season one.

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