REALLY?!?!?! with CB – 3-Hour Monday Night Raw is ZZZZzzzzz

Really, WWE? You think it’s a brilliant idea to make Raw a three hour show permanently, really?!?!

Really, do you not remember WCW, really?!?!

Really, do you not understand that the most painful episodes of Monday Night Raw to watch have been these extended shows, really?!?!

Really, do you not understand that you do not have the roster depth to fill 2 hours of Raw let alone 3, really?!?!

Really, WWE, do you think we ***want** to sit through 180-plus minutes of your porous programming, especially after a near 3-hour PPV the night before once per month, really?!?!

Unless you are rehiring Scott Steiner and giving him an open mic — or acquiring everyone in ROH — this is just bound to be a disaster. Will we get 40 minutes of Big Show crying instead of 20?!?!

I just don’t see it, WWE.

This has been Really?!?!?! with CB.

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