10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw – 5.21.12 – Ace In Charge, John Cena, CM Punk, Kane

Welcome to my 10 thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw.  We’re fresh off of the show Over the Limit and there was a lot to explain with this episode of Raw.  If you missed SmackDown last week, here are my 10 thoughts on that show.  Without any further delay…

1.  Thank God they went ahead and turned Big Show heel.  Did anyone seriously want to see Big Show as the unwilling heel only doing heel things to keep his job?  It was a terrible thing when HBK and JBL did it and let’s face it.  Laurinaitis is no JBL and Big Show certainly is no JBL.

2.  So are we building a Santino/ADR feud?  If so, it’s very subtle and well done.  And it wouldn’t be all that surprising due to the fact that Alberto has seemed to really have fallen from the graces of the WWE.  He’s not quite in Miz territory, but he’s been shuttled down the card for no real reason.

3.  Jericho finally snapped and destroyed Orton, and I think this was the character that Jericho wanted all along.  When he came back he said he wanted to be more dark and aggressive, but really we haven’t seen too much of that minus Jericho bringing up Punk’s family matters during their feud.

4.  Although it was predictable, it was nice to see the parallelism between the Kane attacks.  On SmackDown, Bryan smacked Kane with the chair and handed it to Punk, and on this show, Bryan took the chair away from Punk before he could hit Kane with it and Kane saw Bryan with the chair.  I’ve enjoyed it thus far and I hope these two continue to keep it up.

5.  You may not like him very much, but Kane is such a better gimmick with the mask.  Without it, he’s just another big guy, but with it, he can be mysterious, frightening, and just all around more intense.

6.  So I must say that I think AJ’s new role is great as she is really adapting into the new crazy ex angle very well.  So now you just have to wonder is if AJ is really interested in Punk.  Perhaps she could just be using Punk to make Bryan jealous or to cost Punk the title to help her man win the heavyweight championship.  It should be interesting regardless.

7.  When Christian left he was part of Team Laurinaitis and supported his taking over, then he comes back from injury and wins a battle royal making him a face due to the way in which he won, points at Santino, and then challenges fellow Laurinaitis’ supporter Cody for his I-C championship.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…

8.  So it looks like we’re seeing Beth vs Layla again.  I don’t like it, but it’s honestly the best combination left in the WWE that doesn’t involve Kharma or Natalya.  Why aren’t we having Natalya vs Beth right now?

9.  Although we got a fresh match-up with Cena/Sheamus vs Zig Swag and Tensai, it’s just not a new thing because there was no way that the heels were beating Cena and Sheamus.  Then we just have a cluster of a finish with the lumberjacks storming the ring and attacking Cena/Sheamus.

10.  The ending was okay but the sound effect and the camera angle were terrible and felt unneeded.  But it’s better to have Big Show as a dominant heel than to have him as the ‘woe-is-me’ resentful heel.

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