Demythify: Where Have We Seen That Justice League #9 Batman Letter Before & What’s It Signify?

I’ve spent this weekend tending to chores around the house particularly outside. The sun took a lot out of me hence the short column this week. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless and that you’re enjoying the summer so far.

Admittedly, my first time reading Justice League #9, I didn’t see the significance of “that” scene in the Batcave. However, our resident hawkeye here at the Nexus Mike Maillaro caught a few words on that parchment that signals some interesting things for the New 52. Bruce Wayne Batman is gazing at a letter from a seemingly unknown writer (if you didn’t read Flashpoint). It is a passing panel in the Geoff Johns penned Justice League #9 and Bruce looks somber.

The origins of that letter? Well, it’s a gift from Thomas Wayne, who was Batman on the Flashpoint Earth.

Everything is planned by DC Comics in the New 52 era. So why now does DC reinforce that Bruce Wayne knows about the Flashpoint Earth? In the first page below you’ll see Barry Allen Flash’s memory of the Flashpoint Earth was fading at the end of Flashpoint #5. So, this letter is the only physical proof that there was a Flashpoint alternate world. It would seem Batman and Pandora may be the only two people in the New 52 that know of Flashpoint. Will this play into Trinity War? Why showcase that letter “now”? Hmmm.

Check out the four poignant pages from Flashpoint #5, also written by Geoff Johns, that show the first appearances of that Justice League #9 letter from the Flashpoint Thomas Wayne Batman to New 52 Bruce Wayne Batman. See below.

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