Superman #8 Wildstorm Spoilers: What Is Helspont’s New 52 Origin?

For folks that have been following the New 52, Helspont the supposedly leader of a menacing alien race called Daemonites, has been popping up all over the DC Universe. He was a big bad in the old Wildstorm universe that has now merged into the New 52 as a result of the ending of Flashpoint.

In addition, the Daemonites have also been making waves in the New 52 in books like Stormwatch, Voodoo, Grifter and more. Plus their threat is just growing.

Superman #9 by Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen reveals Helspont’s New 52 origin. Is he / it the leader of the Daemonites or looking to recapture an alien thrown? Check out the right.

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