10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! – 5.25.12 – Over the Limit Results, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Christian

Welcome to 10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown!  Last Sunday, we saw a new Intercontinental Champion crowned, Sheamus retain successfully, and a big surprise well-known return by Big Show to aid Johnny Ace.  Well let’s get started.

1.  So Christian is back after I wondered on where he was last week and is back to being a face after winning the Intercontinental Championship this past Sunday.  I’m glad to see Christian back and he’s a much better face to me.  As a heel, he just faded into the background, but he’s actually an entertaining face who can get the crowd behind him.

2.  And man what has Hunico ever done?  He came in, became a more entertaining Sin Cara than the original, and then was shuttled down to just a typical superstars character with no mask and no persona.  Oh! But then he got a bodyguard… and they ride a low rider bicycle to the ring.  Why not just make it a lawn mower and call them the Mexicoolz?

3.  I think the Usos vs Young/O’Neil match was the first I’ve ever seen on a show that wasn’t NXT where both sides are already in the ring before the match starts.  With that being said, it’s a breath of fresh air to see Young/O’Neil using tag team moves and actually having tag team finishes.  The only thing they need now is a team name.  The Million Dollar Men?  Got a better name for them?  Sound off in the comments!

4.  Was I the only one who thought that when Sin Cara was injured that we would never see him again?  I thought it was just a matter of time before we saw his name being future endeavored on WWE.com.  It’ll be interesting to see how he looks when he comes back.  Hopefully he worked on his craft during his absence.

5.  Ryback may look like he’s wearing Rhyno’s stretched out clothes and may be getting a too long beat down on jobbers, but I’m starting to dig him.  This week he fights two guys and hits a double stretch buster on them.  Insane.

6.  Sheamus sounds more pandering to children than Cena does.  I didn’t realize that was even possible.  Next week he’ll start teaming up with Hornswaggle and win the tag team titles.  Sounds about right.

6a.  On a side note, does anyone really want to see Sheamus vs Randy Orton?  Granted they had an okay match last week, but I’m about as excited to see that match as I was to see Cena vs Orton a few years ago when they teased it at the Royal Rumble.

7.  I think that Sheamus’ match with Swagger was probably his second best match I’ve ever seen.  With Swagger of all people!  I enjoyed it more than the plodding Orton match last week.  Although it wasn’t on the same level as his Extreme Rules match.

8.  I’ve really enjoyed Damien Sandow since he debuted.  This week he continues to implicate a large vocabulary in order to get the fans to boo him, which is very similar to what Jericho used to do.  During the match, Sandow used the ropes to avoid Yoshi and yelled at the referee to ‘do his job.’  So far he’s been highly entertaining and arrogant.

9.  The Daniel Bryan beat down on Kane was perfect.  Kane has been used by both Bryan and Punk to level the other, but most recently, Bryan was destroyed by Kane on Raw.  Bryan comes out and destroys Kane which seems to be leading to an encounter at No Way Out.  If so, then who is Punk fighting?  Perhaps a triple threat?

10.  The main event also ended very accurately as del Rio slides by taking advantage of circumstance by pinning Kane after an RKO from Orton.  So we have ADR vs Sheamus at No Way Out.  Well at least they’ll be in a cage.  Can’t say I’m looking forward to that match though.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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