Cougar Town Episodes 3-12 & 3-13 Review – Hip, Hip, Hooray!

So by now I’m sure all you Cougar Town fans have heard the good news that TBS has picked up the show for another season (possibly, probably more). I’m so excited about this! Tuesday night’s back to back episodes were hilarious and really proved just how much this show deserves to be on the air.

Five Favorite Things About “Square One”

  1. “Cougarton Abbey”!
  2. The white shirt contest, especially Andy taking a meatball for Bobby.
  3. For the most part, Cougar Town is a light, silly show that features a lot of drinking. But it can also be highly relatable, and watching both Grayson and Jules bring baggage from their failed marriages into their relationship as they were forced to live together is an example of how the show also deals with real human emotion and issues.
  4. The Laurie vs. Ellie sexy-off. “I’m like the Dexter of sex. I love you, and then I will kill you.”
  5. Jules: “You know, it’s tricky to walk around holding a bunch of cakes. I think that cake walks should mean something really hard.”
    Grayson: “I hate it when you do that, okay? You can’t change the meaning of phrases.”
    Jules: “Agree on the change?”
    Ellie: “Change approved!”

Bonus quote: “There are so many things that I’m better at than you. Like reading, speaking, not eating a doughnut like a bear eats a salmon. What else? I wrote it down. Sex!”

Five Favorite Things About “It’ll All Work Out”

  1. The opening sequence about how the gang “missed” Thanksgiving last year and “what if we’re not around” this year was both the best and the most meta thing I have ever seen. “What if we’re not around next fall? What if a new group comes in and replaces us. Everybody’s gonna be like, ‘What happened to the cul-de-sac crew? I miss them. Who are these new people? They’re not so good.”
  2. Again with the real people feelings – the stuff about Ellie being a bad mom was handled excellently.
  3. Travis trying to write vows for his mom, and using her description of her wine glass.
  4. “Your son just killed my best friend!” did not feel like an overreaction to me at all.
  5. RIP, Big Carl. Big Lou, you don’t look as awesome or easy to hold.

Bonus quote: “Besides Thanksgiving, I also missed Halloween last year because I was getting that tattoo removed from my upper-left drumstick. And then on Christmas, I passed out on the booze cruise that turned out to be a cruise cruise, and I woke up in Belize! So today I’m going to represent all three holidays that I missed. Happy Thanksmasween everyone!”