Brock Lesnar Back to the UFC? Having Meeting With Dana White After UFC 146, Was In Crowd

It was surreal to see Brock Lesnar walk back into the realm of professional wrestling after Wrestlemania, it was even more unexpected to see him in the crowd at UFC 146. And it got even crazier as Dana White, at the post fight presser, remarked that Lesnar might be coming back.

More accurately he stated that Lesnar wanted to go the show a week and a half ago and keep it a secret, which he did, and the two are going to be meeting later tonight to discuss Brock’s potential future. Apparently Lesnar is considering a comeback now and perhaps is evaluating his options especially considering he’s under contract with the WWE.

According to internet reporter “Front Row” Brian Willis, the following has since come out:

New info surfacing… Brock Lesnar’s deal with WWE is NOT exclusive and he was in Las Vegas at UFC for a specific reason. Wow.

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