Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 5.24.12 (Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Sting)

– I’m actually on vacation this week and yet here I am covering Impact. How this show goes depends on whether or not I cover SmackDown as well.

– Very intriguing opening way to open the show.

– Really like the improve, “real” feeling to this segment.

– New opening for this new concept was stellar. Too bad they’re still in the same looking studio.

– Love the fact that the Knockout belt fits around Eric Young’s waist.

– “Put your pants back on! What are you going to do, knock them up?!” – ODB

– RVD vs Gunner? Ok, I now hate OFN.

– Least it was quick.

– I love the idea of the TV title being defended every week since that is the only way to build prestige for the belt. But they need a stronger champion and a new belt design since this red one has too much bad history.

– Oh and Robbie E is not the answer. They need someone to do for the TV title what Austin Aries did for the X-Division title.

– This Abyss thing needs to end. Plus it’s dragging Bully Ray down & away from the main event.

– Very nice to see Joey Ryan in the national spotlight.

– I was just wondering if Joey Ryan might be a little too similar to Austin Aries. We’re going to find out now.

– Have you checked out this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday? CLICK HERE to get the wallpaper featuring The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived & current X-Division champion, Austin Aries.

– Don’t really know if Ryan impressed enough in this quick 5-minute match. Pretty much a toss up.

– I can’t wait till Impact goes live. If nothing else, I’ll feel more invested in the shows because I haven’t seen the spoilers.

– That missile drop kick was incredible!

– Not happy they tried to weave the Styles/Daniels storyline into the finish. It was a great match that deserved a clean finish.

– A commercial break here? Really?

– Why does the confetti look like it was left over from a Mexican America segment?

– This would have been the perfect time for Sting to come back looking like, you know, Sting. But no, we still have to put with this crap of a character that was inspired by a DIFFERENT character from a movie released almost 5 years ago.

– Just thank God TNA is going live for the summer & PRAY this makes them step up their game.

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