Jim Ross Blog: 1000th Raw Episode, Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk, Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Below are excerpts from Jim Ross’ latest blog entry covering Chris Jericho in Brazil, the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, CM Punk’s DVD, the Punk-Bryan feud, Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus, and more:

Jim Ross’ indirect reference to the Chris Jericho Brazil flag incident: “Bit of advice for those traveling outside their own borders…know the country of which you are traveling’s laws and customs. Take no risks that might be perceived as disrespect and certainly do not break any local laws. When in Rome….”

Jim Ross on CM Punk’s DVD: “The new, @CMPunk DVD will be released in October and the producers said that Punk has been VERY hands on this project including hand picking virtually every element that will make the final edit.”

Jim Ross on Daniel Bryan’s size and the Punk-Bryan feud: “The uneducated fans who feel that @WWEDanielBryan is too small to compete for major, WWE Titles are hopefully having professionals do their taxes.

Any one that did not thoroughly enjoy Punk vs. Bryan last Sunday on PPV cannot be made happy as it relates to enjoying a wrestling match.

Those who say that size primarily matters when evaluating main event talent are about a generation removed from reality.”

Jim Ross on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw airing July 23rd: “Monday Night Raw Memories will air in early July just ahead of Raw’s 1000th broadcast…

…Getting lots of questions regarding RAW 1000 on July 23 in St. Louis but, unfortunately, I have no answers. I’m not in the loop that makes creative decisions but am proudly looking forward to the milestone event. Whether I’m at that Raw or not, I’m proud of my contributions to the brand over the years and watch the show religiously every Monday night.”

Jim Ross on Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus: “I thought that @RealJackSwagger and @WWESheamus had a ‘stem winder’ of a wrestling match Friday night on Smackdown. Helluva bout. Two, true keepers over the long haul. Sheamus evolution is extraordinary especially considering he’s not even close to where he will likely end up before all is said and done. Swagger is a physical beast, as athletic as any one in WWE, with a great look and when the personality side of the show biz presentation catches up to his athleticism, the former Oklahoma Sooner will reside on Promised Land for years to come. I was really proud of both men for the match that they provided this fan.”

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Source: JR's Blog