Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 5.31.12

– It’s the “first” show of a “new” era. Let’s see how it goes!

– Already this show looks better being live. I feel like they used a filter for the tapings or just got better cameras.

– Did Mike Tenay just say that Sting is focusing on being a wrestler? That should not even be an option.

– It’s a small thing but the champions having their title belts with them makes a difference. It shows they are proud of them and are the best in the company, not just “props”.

– #ImpactLive and Bobby Roode are both trending worldwide.

– Decent match to open the show but I hope this is the end of the feud.

– Guess not.

– Why would Bully Ray pick another fight when he already punked him out? This feud is just dragging Bully Ray down.

– Hot crowd for the live show. Awesome beginning for their first week.

– Nice surprise X-Division title match between Chris Sabin and Austin Aries. I guess they have to establish Sabin without the Motor City Machineguns gimmick.

– Nice video package for Crimson. They need to keep creating grating, cocky segments for him so eventually whomever beats him will be made.

– Like the little Samoa Joe tease with Aries. Would love to see Joe back in the X-Division and in a feud with Aries.

– Seemed like they were going half speed near the end but all in all a good X-Division match.

– Taz is the PERFECT addition to Gut Check. Although now it’s two of the original Tough Enough trainers.

– I loved that segment and the diversity Taz brings to the panel. There’s going to be critics of “pulling back the curtain” but I don’t think that did anything different than Tough Enough. Probably even less so.

– God Dixie Carter’s music is just horrendous.

– A TNA Hall of Fame is the big announcement. I don’t know what to say.

– I think Brooke will do fine in pretapes and with the Knockouts who can handle a mic. Dixie Carter isn’t the best in front of a live audience.

– Just a coincidence that the Christian Cage clip aired a week or so after his return and title win in WWE.

– You just knew it was going to be Jeff Hardy and as I said before, I’d be perfectly fine with him winning the TV belt. The title needs prestige and a former World champion defending it would definitely help.

– I feel like Jeff Hardy’s sleeves were made from the left over fabric of Sting’s tights earlier.

– Horrible way to finish your first “fan vote” match. That’s the match people wanted to see, obviously not Robbie E. Just right back to force feeding the audience what they don’t want to see.

– I said last week that I didn’t know if Joey Ryan did enough to impress in his match with Aries. I still think it should have been a “yes” but damn that was captivating TV and I agree with everything the judges said. They want someone who is not just a character and Ryan was in full on caricature mode.

– Oh and no Joey Ryan you WEREN’T trending. You are now that you were eliminated. Bittersweet I’d say.

– It’s strange that they haven’t actually gotten Dixie involved in any part of this angle except for photos or a “stalker” video. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem to resonate with the audience yet.

– I’d love to know the legit number of how many times AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have wrestled one another.

– And this is why you invest in some handcuffs. I’m sure Joey Ryan has some fuzzy ones in his bag.

– Overall a good beginning for the live shows with much more intrigue with it being live. Although it seemed like Dixie and AJ were planning a surprise party for her husband.

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