10 Thoughts on TNA Impact! – 5.31.12 – Going LIVE!… Again, Roode vs. Sting, Bully Ray, Slammiversary

Well this is my first time doing 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact and I have some big boots to fill since the departure of M.C. Brown.  The best to him in his future endeavors.  Sorry I had to.  Anyways let’s get it started!

1.  Well let’s look at the main event of the next PPV, Slammiversary.  In order to get you hyped into buying it, we announced the main event championship match directly after seeing that exact match.  Basically if you liked this mediocre match, we’ll suggest you pay $40 or whatever the price to see it again.  And it’s Sting who is way past his prime.

2.  In my opinion, the best thing going in TNA is Bully Ray.  No matter what he is involved in, I’m completely invested.  He really elevated Austin Aries with their match at Sacrifice and has aided in making this ‘Missing Abyss’ an actual story of interest.  Who would’ve guessed that the best thing for the Dudleys at this point in their career was to go singles?

3.  How many people has TNA put over their Knockouts’ division?  It feels like a ton.  Anyways, I can’t see her really doing anything to enhance the Knockouts division.  And a TNA HALL OF FAME?  What has this world come to?  Who will be inducted?  Hulk Hogan? Eric Bischoff? Jeff Jarrett? Tazz? Sting? I mean seriously…

4.  So until Robbie E gets his re-re-match he’s just going to continue interrupting in Devon’s matches?  Sounds like an effective move and this is honestly the only time I’ve ever given half a thought to the Jersey Shore wannabee.  Adding Rob Terry as his personal muscle was a good move too.

5.  Gut Check is an interesting concept and it reminds me of a cross between NXT and Tough Enough.  However, the backstage segment was much too long as a lot of these backstage segments have been.  Last week’s opening commentary between Hogan/Ray/Angle/Hardy/Styles is a good example.

6.  If Bully Ray isn’t the best thing going on in TNA then it definitely has to be Austin Aries.  He reminds me of a cross between Bryan and Punk.  He has the charisma of Punk, but the physique/technical ability of Daniel Bryan and that’s two guys that anyone should want to be compared to.  Having him run roughshod over the X-Division is a perfect way to put him over.

7.  Joey Ryan was turned away by the Gut Check judges and it seems they made the right decision if they want the rookies to be more unsure as they come in.  It seemed like his confidence was what did him in and that’s unusual considering you want your rookies to show you what they have to offer.  Too much arrogance I guess.

8.  TNA’s X-Division stars are really something that constantly impresses me.  No matter if it’s AJ, Aries, Samoa Joe, or Sabin, they seem to always have an interesting match and usually the match of the night.

9.  So far three matches have been announced for the PPV in Arlington and two of them actually don’t look too bad.  We have the World Title match which I won’t discuss anymore.  We have the match between Bully Ray and Joseph Parks which is increasing interesting as Abyss continues to build this new face in Joseph Parks.  And we also have a tag team match which should be phenomenal.

10.  Well we have AJ and Dixie having a secret affair and she demands that the truck turn off the sound clip implicating her.  I don’t mind these storylines as long as they have an endpoint in sight, but honestly, what’s the endpoint with this?  Is it just to show how much a jerk Daniels and Kaz are?  Or is it to bring down the love for AJ Styles?  It’s a weird case of the heels being the just and the faces being the unjust.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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