Hawkwoman Officially Joins Hawkgirl In DC Comics’ New 52? Plus More Thanagarian Teaser Art!

Following the cryptic tease of a familiar’ish red head in Savage Hawkman #9, artist Joe Bennett has released six pieces of concept art for the series that is written by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton.

These bits of art appear to confirm the New 52 direction teased by DC Comics already and come on the heels of the un-related teased debut of a new’ish Hawkgirl in and on Earth 2.

The art to your left appears to be the New 52 Prime Earth‘s Hawkwoman while the art on your right is a Thanagarian soldier.

It sure looks like Katar Hol is back in a big way in the New 52 and off to the planet Thanagar to meet Princess Shayera and perhaps tangle with some very cool garbed soldiers.

Below you’ll see (from left to right) head shots of Shayera and a soldiers as well as two types of ships in Thanagar’s aramada.

Savage Hawkman is turning into a MUST READ New 52 title. The first issue under the new creative team, Savage Hawkman #9, was solid and fun. These images tease a bright and intriguing few issues ahead.

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Source: Joe Bennett