Young Justice Invasion Bloodlines: 2 Robins, 2 Kid Flashes & 2 Roy Harpers (Spoiler’ish News)

Young Justice: Invasion had its sixth season two episode greet viewes this week. The episode titled “Bloodlines”, on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Block, makes huge strides in the main Invasion plot of the season with viewers learning the plans, of the stranded alien Kroloteans. In addition, the Bloodlines episode also advances the Roy Harper clone subplot as well.

At the end of Season One, five years ago in the Young Justice animated series continuity, we learned that the Roy Harper that had graduated from Green Arrow sidekick Speedy to hero Red Arrow and eventually earning a spot on the Justice League was in fact a clone with the real Roy Harper never having been a member of Young Justice.

We also learned the real Roy Harper was alive, in statis, and missing an arm. The Injustice League took his tank as well as a few other things from Project Cadmus as they began planning for further confrontations with the Justice League after their defeat at the end of Season One. The clone of Roy Harper, his wife Chesire, and their daughter began this season on a quest to find the real Roy Harper. And they seemingly have with this episode.

Harper’s family, with deadly wife and screaming child, go on a covert mission since Chesire was able to glean where the real Roy was. They battle a whole building full of assassins to eventually get to their prize: the real Roy Harper. Chesire opens the statis chamber and out falls Roy into arms of… Roy.

We’ll see where the Young Justice writers take this from here, but the real Roy is alive gasping for air.

As of this episode we now have 2 Robins (Nightwing & Robin), 2 Kid Flashes (Kid Flash & Impulse), and 2 Roy Harpers (Arsenal / Clone & Speedy / real mccoy). And, let’s not forget the 2 Aqualads (Kaldur & Garth). 😉 Could another super-team be in the offing? Perhaps a Teen Titans team (or just Titans) in the Young Justice Universes? Hmmm. So many duos…

More fun ahead!

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