What if I Told You There Was A Place That Eagerly Anticipated TNA? (Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles)

You wouldn’t believe me, right?

I mean, who the hell could possibly be into TNA? Oh, a place called TNAInsider, that’s who?

Blair Douglas showed me this messageboard one time. They were making fun of him for being realistic about TNA. Lets take a trip to this magical place that Dixie Carter would likely call Heaven, if she wasn’t speechless due to the amazement at someone actually enjoying her product this much. So, I went there and perused their IMPACT Live thread. This is what went down:

How low can you two get? I don’t like her more than you do but wishing they’d ‘boo the hell out of her’? That’s going to mess the whole show up. Learn to turn off the smark once in a while. Jesus Christ …

This is about Brooke Hogan. Really? It’s going to mess the show up to boo Brooke Hogan? This is the same fuckin’ show that ended with a phone tap conversation of AJ and Dixie Carter talking about meeting up to continue their sordid affair that Christopher Daniels believes leads to AJ Styles getting too many opportunities while Daniels gets held back. And, yet, boo’ng Brooke Hogan is going to somehow be a detriment?

The guy continues…

As far as Brooke goes, I really feel pity on myself for thinking she’s kinda hot. S’long as we get to see some bewbs I’m alright with it. That’s the type of viewer I am. That’s my thing. Bewbs. Love ‘um.

How upset would this guy be if he watched DVDs of Married with Children, then went on Google searching for his local chapter of NO MA’AM only to realize it was a fictional club only for Al Bundy and his friends? Hint: really upset. Bold is mine, but, the emphasis on the “my”? That’s all him, ya’ll.

Is it possible that AJ is banging Dixie for real? May be they are already married in real life(after both divorcing their respective hubbies), and this storyline will reveal it to the public?

And, maybe, just maybe, Abyss is missing for real? And maybe his brother really is looking for him? And, maybe his brother does know that Bully Ray is guilty of kidnapping Abyss, but, his brother really wants to just fight Bully Ray at a Pay-Per-View instead of revealing it to the public in a court of law!?


I just realized these are all comments from BEFORE the show has even started.

How much time left, like in hours?

Now, that’s more like it. The guy who makes sure you know BEWBS are HIS thing just checked in for a countdown until LIVE IMPACT begins…instead of, you know, looking at a fucking clock. Whatever device he just typed that post from 99% likely to have a clock on it. NEWBURY! How DARE you try to check this dudes anticipation at the door!

1 hour.

You can’t stop this place. You can only hope to contain it.

27 minutes.


After someone pointed out that Boddy Roode Main Evented every TNA PPV this year and Punk hasn’t Main Evented one WWE PPV:

That just means that the TNA World Title >>>>> wwe title

Not just greater, folks, greater greater greater greater GREATER than the WWE Title. Plus, didn’t Punk lose to like Julio Dinero a bunch in like 2003? So, shouldn’t it be TNA World Title >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WWE Title?


BLAIR, keep your comments to your That Being Said column!

That’s it Roode get beaten up by a 53 year old!

But, it’s STING!

Oh so THAT’S why they did it. Roode’s gonna win at Slammiversary.

The same guy who was bitching about smarks earlier just needs to call this shot.

My casual fan friend: “Why did you make me watch this again….?”

Because you are an ASSHOLE.

The idea is to make us believe that Sting can beat him.

I kinda hope that there is a headlining match though, above World title, Sting can’t last too long in a match, and it would be a shame if it has to end pretty early, I still remember the horrible Sting vs RVD.

James Storm vs Crimson (Career vs Streak) winner gets title shot at next ppv?

Crimson is not actually anywhere near a Title Shot, right? Wait, streak? That Crimson guy gets to win matches?

What’s been trending on twitter? anything #1? my eyes has been on the tv. I wasn’t checking.


As an FU to Shelley, Sabin should win the belt tonight.

Though it would be an FU to Aries too, I guess

Is it really an FU to Shelley? I mean, giving the belt to Sabin to send some weird message to Shelley just validates Shelley leaving IF he left because of the dumb shit they do. Maybe he left because of money. Maybe he left because of who knows. But, only giving Sabin the belt to say, “hey, Shelley, you shouldn’t have left!” only goes towards hurting their cause because that would be a dumb reason to give Sabin the belt. And, he’s a good wrestler, why play games with him just to prove some lousy point to Shelley?

Samoa Joe sighting

Really, Joe is on the TNA product so little that 2 seconds in a weird backstage thing I don’t even remember gets this treatment?

I feel the Gutcheck idea is better off as it’s own show.

I know, right? They horribly mis-use their own show, they might as well have another!

wow awesome a tna hall of fame never expected that 4 real

Haha, shut the fuck up. No way there’s a TNA Hall of Fame.

I assume Jeff Jarrett made a PowerPoint Presentation about how much money WWE makes on their Hall of Fame and Dixie just assumes that inducted Double J will bring in AT LEAST however much Jarrett’s projections come to.

Spoiler Alert: It won’t.

If you look at the state of wwe he should leave and comeback.

That was in response to Christian coming back to TNA. Do I need to add anything else?

That actually felt real.

On the Gutcheck segment. Here’s how you know it wasn’t real: Taz stuttered a bunch. Which means he was trying to act.

the Gut Check segment is now a joke!
you give a contract to Alex Silva, who has no look, no character. and is completely boring. now you do NOT give a guy a contract who was better in the ring than Silva, and he has a character and he stays in character. SMH typical TNA.

God, would you people just WAIT and let them play out their fake NEXUS idea at the end of this? Come on! Trust me, after reading all this stuff, you will LOVE IT.

that was a holy shit moment that was fucking awesome dudes

This was at the end of the show. Hopefully you didn’t watch TNA.

Here’s how it ended: Chris Daniels and Kazarian played an audio recording of AJ Styles and Dixie talking about meeting up. The implication is that they’re having an affair, and so that’s why AJ gets title shots or preferential treatment, or whatever. Dixie runs out yelling to cut it off. It was one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen to a wrestling show. As you can probably imagine from reading what it was about.


After the show ended some of the comments were less “YAY TNA” and more realistic. Which is good for that messageboard as a whole. One of the Administrators there in particular made some good points and there was some decent discussion. But, MAN, that live chat aspect was something else.

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