10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw – 6.4.12 – Cena Returns, Punk vs Kane, SmackDown gone Raw?, Cole Conspiracy

Welcome to my ten thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw.  In case you missed Impact or SmackDown, there are my 10 Thoughts on those.  And without any more delays…

1.  The opening of the show almost went by the wayside again as Cena started accusing Cole of having a ‘My Little Pony’ collection, but he toned it down and Cole is thrown to the dogs in a match with Cena.  With that note, no way that this match actually happens for more than five minutes.  Lord Tensai should come down to aid Cole.

1a.  Where has Lord Tensai been?  Notice how irrelevant he has become?  He disappears for a week or two and I didn’t even notice until this moment.

2.  Sheamus and Ziggler battle again to an okay match, but is this leading to the eventual Ziggler/Vickie split?  Or will we just see an intense, overly-aggressive Dolph who flips on the turn of a dime?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

3.  Sin Cara is back with a new red attire, a slightly altered entrance, and no longer a submission finish.  Is this still the same Mistico Jr.?  I assume so, but really he’s cleaned up his in-ring performance and displays few flaws.

4.  FEED ME MORE!  Ryback moves over to Raw and dominates another unfortunate duo of jobbers with his impressive one man, muscle buster on both men.

5.  Now that I’m looking at this card… is the Raw roster trapped by another volcano or something?  So far we’ve seen Ryback defeat nobodies, Sin Cara vs Hunico, Punk vs Kane, and Sheamus vs. Dolph.  All of those matches occurred on SmackDown last week.  Weird, it’s not usually THAT similar.

6.  On that note, I’m still extremely interested in where this AJ storyline goes.  Apparently she falls in love with whomever glances in her direction with Kane looking at her and AJ turning giddy.  It seems that the trauma from Bryan dumping her on live television has sent her over the deep end.  Although in other news, she likes aggressive women.  Sorry Gojira.

7.  With NXT moving off of the travel schedule, it seems that a lot of the talent that’s been inhabiting it is moving over to the main shows.  On Friday, we saw Tyson Kidd fight Cody and tonight we see the team of Hawkins and Reks losing to the injured tag team champions.

8.  Although I predicted Lord Tensai to be involved in it, it was a nice swing to pit him against Cena as a precursor to Cena fighting Cole only if he wins.  I didn’t realize that Tensai had not been defeated by Cena though.

9.  The end was pretty interesting with Cena overcoming the odds (surprising, I know) and then absolutely humiliating Cole by stripping him to his underwear, making him apologize to King and JR, pouring BBQ sauce on him, and using a fire extinguisher on him.  I just hope there is some point to this.  I can see this going two different ways.

9a.  The first choice and probably what will happen is that Cole will just go on a rampage on commentary like he used to do with Daniel Bryan.  Yay angry Cole on commentary…

9b.  The second choice would be awesome and could be possible simply due to next week being a three-hour show.  Cole becomes so enraged with Cena that he forms his own ‘Cole-alition’ to destroy the face of the company.  It wouldn’t be hard to find guys who want to take out Cena.  He could easily pick up Lord Tensai, Dolph Ziggler (looking to make a name for himself), David Otunga (Eh… why not?  He dislikes Cena.), Curt Hawkins, and Tyler Reks.  These guys could all be loyalists to John Laurinaitis.  Just an idea.

10.  The one thing that I imagine will happen last week is whatever the summer storyline is.  Last year it was the Punk shoot, the year before- Nexus, and we’ve had various big-time storylines over the summers of years past.  With McMahon in town, one can assume next week will be when it starts.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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