Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 6.4.12


{Editor’s Note: I will be covering Raw LIVE from Hartford’s XL Center next week, officially on the Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling! So be sure to follow along for exclusive photos, results and reviews!} 

– Ok so let me get this right… This is supposed to feel special because John Cena wasn’t on TV last week. Right? That’s what they’re trying to accomplish?

– Michael Cole has spoken more in this promo than Cena has.

– Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler again? Maybe Randy Orton getting suspended was actually a good thing for Dolph.

– Have you all checked out our Raw live coverage by our new writer, Justin? A regular writer for my CreativelyEndeavored.com, “JC” will be a welcome addition to the Pulse family.

– I really hope they move Ziggler to Mason Ryan (or even the rumored Ric Flair) and away from Vickie Guerrero VERY SOON. The pairing has just become stale.

– Sheamus vs Dolph has the potential of being the Christian vs Orton surprise of last year.

– I missed SmackDown so this Sin Cara return is a nice surprise.


– Still the stupid lighting though.

– Can’t really ever picture Sin Cara with a title so what’s the point?

– Ryback on Raw? I’m game.

– What the bloody hell was that? Is the Genius on Creative now?

– Typical Ryback squash but damn is it fun to watch!

– The crowds have stopped chanting “YES!” along with Daniel Bryan. Which means he’s doing his job as a heel! And I love it.

– I’d love to see CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan in a Submission Match at the PPV to play into the whole No Way Out theme. But no, we get 2 great wrestlers and Kane in what will be subpar to anything Punk and Bryan could do on their own.

– Did Daniel Bryan just try to “save” AJ?

– Now the crazy chick likes the crazy “monster”? I feel like AJ has overshadowed the fact that the WWE title is on the line.

– AJ has had the most development a Diva has seen in a decade!

– JK Rowling apparently announced a new Harry Potter related book. That’s why NO ONE has been trending on Twitter.

– Curt Hawkins & Tyler Rex on Raw?!?! But no entrance… boo.

– Surprisingly good showing for the jobbers. God I wish the tag division meant something.

– Gotta love the complete silence once Tensai’s music hit.

– Do we really have to go through another King vs Cole feud? I might have to scalp my tickets for next week then.

– Tensai’s first loss since his return to the WWE. Will we ever see him on Raw again?

– This seems oddly familiar. I feel like I just saw this match at Over The Limit but the heel was dressed like a speed skater.

– And Michael Cole is going to have a pinfall victory over John Cena…

– Good Lord, I didn’t know if I could have taken that. I thought we were done with this Michael Cole character.

– Hey remember when John Cena was feuding with Brock Lesnar and there was blood and swears and intensity? Do people really prefer this John Cena over the other one?

– Well, overall this show had that “placeholder” feel in lieu of next week’s 3-hour show. And just a reminder, I will be covering the show live, on-site in Hartford using the Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling. Follow along with me for exclusive news, notes and photos.

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