10 More Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 06.04.2012: John Cena, Michael Cole and John Laurinaitis

Thanks for reading my 10 (more) thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw.  This is my first run at this – so please be gentle.

1.  I have to applaud Dolph Ziggler.  He decides that his first match going out on his own will be against…the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.  Bravo to Vicki Guerrero for getting her man that match, too.  I’m wondering why they didn’t start a little lower on the roster totem pole – maybe Yoshi Tatsu or Tyson Kidd and work from there.

2. It was a close call last night between which was more orange – Ziggler’s skin or Sheamus’s hair.

3. My big mark out moment is every time John Laurinaitis comes out on his “JohnnyMobile” scooter.  I would so ride that thing around my local Target.

4. What is the better ride – Laurinaitis and his scooter, or Camacho’s bicycle?

5. When they showed Cena’s move to Raw nearly seven years ago, it struck me how much his character hasn’t developed.  Same intro music.  Same basic attire.  Same mannerisms.  It’s precisely why people are tired of him – it’s been the same thing for all this time.

6.  To further that point, it took precisely one sentence into Cena’s interview with Michael Cole to make the Cena haters roll their eyes – with his “My Little Pony” line that was a complete throwaway and had NOTHING to do with the rest of the promo.  It harkens back to the “poopy” days when Cena nearly caused an Internet riot by pandering to the kids.

7. Pretty sure HHH would not have jobbed to Kane last night like CM Punk did.

8.  Talk about upgrades!  The “crazy nympho” angle that AJ is currently working used to be done by Mae Young.  I would much rather prefer seeing the diminutive AJ hassle the boys than Mae.

9.  I LOVED the Big Show video.  Perfect story telling – it’s almost exactly what they should have done with Brock Lesnar after he debuted.

10. Two things struck me watching HHH talk about his return from the quad injury.  First, the match with HHH and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit was the best Raw match ever.  Second, while watching the highlights of how Hunter got hurt, I realized that’s probably the closest mention of Benoit the WWE has had on either Raw or Smackdown since the tragedy that happened almost five years ago.

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