Becky Cloonan Demos With Snyder For Batman #12

Scott Snyder is one of the most talented and versatile writers at DC Comics from Swamp Thing to American Vampire to Batman, and he knows that his projects require artists with a passion to match. In an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources, the Night of the Owls scribe reveals that August’s Batman #12 will showcase a stand alone character-driven piece illustrated by one of the most character-driven and visceral artists in the medium, Becky Cloonan.

Cloonan is revered for her work with Brian Wood on DEMO, Dark Horse’s Conan, and her self-published Wolves. She is also known for her love of metal, which is why I leave you with Judas Priest’s Pain Killer while you tab over to CBR to read the full story, straight from Snyder. Rock on, Becky.


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Source: Comic Book Resources