Captain America 2 Has A Director, Actually Two Directors: The Russo Brothers

Talk about the most unlikely of suitors to helm the sequel to a film that grossed nearly $370 million worldwide.

Variety is reporting that Anthony and Joe Russo are in final negotiations to helm the sequel to Joe Johnson’s Captain America. The brothers were on the studio shortlist to direct. That list also included F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator and The Italian Job) and George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau).

I must say I am skeptical at the selection of the Russo brothers, mainly because I totally loved Joe Johnson’s direction, making an action-adventure pic the likes of Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones. The Russos are best known for their work on TV comedies Arrested Development, Community, and Happy Endings, and they haven’t made a Hollywood feature since the 2006 comedy You, Me & Dupree starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon.

But it looks like the brothers made a hell of a presentation to the Marvel Studios and Disney brass for them to sign off on the tandem to tackle Captain America 2. Now the question arises on the growth of the character. Will we see Caps in a present day setting learning the ways of the world, or might there be a flashback to a side adventure with Caps during World War II? And will there be flying monkeys?

These questions and a lot more will be answered when the Captain America sequel opens in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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Source: Variety