Earth 2 #2 Spoilers: The HIGH Of Green Lantern Gay Pride!

The much anticipated, I guess that may be seen as good or bad depending on your POV, Earth #2 shipped today and indeed confirmed Alan Scott, Earth 2’s eventual Green Lanterm is gay.

However, beyond the initial images that were released (first pic and second pic) we also see the culmination of a loving relationship between Alan Scott and his partner. We have a wedding proposal!

This would be Alan Scott’s extreme high of the issue. Unfortunately for him, there is also an extreme low (see spoiler here) in this issue for him too.

BTW, in case you were curious, there are 4 BIG developments in Earth 2 #2 that don’t involve Alan Scott. 🙂 Those spoilers are here. Plus, did a classic Justice Society member make their Earth 2 debut with a different ethicity?

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