Earth 2 #2 Spoilers: Classic Justice Society Member Debuts With Different Ethnicity?

After posting my previous spoiler spotlighting the 4 big developments in Earth 2 #2 that had nothing to do with a gay Green Lantern (although Alan Scott did have a big high and a big low in the issue too), a few folks with better hawkeyes than me pointed out a billboard in one of the opening pages.

That billboard advertises a fight between Grant and Montez. Well, Ted Grant was the pre-Flashpoint Justice Society’s Wildcat. And, what I noticed after my friends brought the billboard to my attention was that it looks like Ted has had his ethnicity changed? On the billboard he does look African Americam, doesn’t he? Afterall, writer James Robinson has indicated that some Justice Society genders and ethnicities would be changing going forward from what we knew pre-Flashpoint.

Interesting that Ted’s male opponent has the last name of the female Wildcat that succeeded Ted in the 1980s and was part of Infinity Inc. (Yolande Montez).

Lastly, notice that the Tyler Chemical billboard? Hourman is around on Earth 2 too?

Fun times on Earth 2.

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