Sting Discusses TNA, Bobby Roode & Hogan/Bischoff Era

Initially joining TNA: “Spike was coming on board, and they were interested in my return to wrestling, along with [TNA President] Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and even his father, Jerry, at the time. It was just something that I said, ‘It’s now or never.’ I didn’t like the way wrestling ended in 2001 for me, so I took it on. I loved the brand. The difference between then and now [with TNA] was then you were in the [Nashville] Fairgrounds, which isn’t even there anymore, in front of ‘x’ amount of people, not very many.

“Now you are in 120 countries worldwide. We filled up the Wembley Arena earlier this year, which was phenomenal, unbelievable. The interest we have and ratings we have in other countries and growing here in the United States every year 10 years later, we are a growing company, and it feels good. Good growing pains.”

Bobby Roode: “Whether you love him or hate him or are indifferent, he brings it every single night. He looks the part. He can work with anyone. He can have a great match with anyone. I think he carries himself well. I have personally pushed to keep him where he is. I poured into him. I think there is still some good fruit, and we are all witnessing it now.”

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joining TNA: “…My reaction when they came on was guarded but at the same time open arms. It was like ‘that was then; this is now,’ a completely different time. We all have a different frame of mind and different agendas now. So I think we’re more on the same page now than we were then. I think it’s been good.”

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Source: The Miami Herald