10 Thoughts on TNA Impact! – 6.7.12 – LIVE! Pt. 2, Abyss Returns?, Bully Ray, Crimson

Sorry about the delay but welcome to my 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact!  Life’s been hectic, but I’m not going to bore you with the details… let’s get into it.

1.  Well apparently we do have an end game for the AJ/Dixie angle!  We’re going to see the debut of SURGE!  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see that either next week or at the next PPV after Slammiversary.  With that being said, that punch from Surge looked good so who knows, maybe he’ll turn out to be alright in there.  Can’t be any worse than Jenna/Sharmell right?

2.  You may hate on Crimson, but he’s not all that bad.  The best thing about him is that they’re sticking with his undefeated streak.  It’s not like… twenty wins and then loses like most do.  He’s cocky and he has every reason to be and, for the moment, I’m okay with his character.

3.  Hey! Samoa Joe is feuding with Austin Aries now.  I actually would like to see those two go at it.  Let’s hope we see them with decent time at the next PPV.

4.  Brooke Hogan is here for ten minutes and stirs up controversy by giving Velvet Sky a place in a music video much to the chagrin of Mickie James.  It seems that James will be going heel due to her reactions when Brooke told her that.  I mean, she’s the country singer is she not?

5.  I’m still excited to see how this angle between Bully Ray and Joseph Parks plays out.  Thus far it is my favorite angle on any wrestling promotion and really, how do you not love all of those crazy facial expressions by Joe?  The sitting in the crowd is a great way to get the crowd you too.

6.  It’ll be interesting to see how this Abyss angle plays out Sunday.  Will they just do a backstage segment so they can put in both Joseph Parks and Abyss or will they actually have someone else playing Abyss now that the actual wrestler who played Abyss is Joseph Parks?  It’ll be interesting, and this is the first time I’ve been invested in Abyss in years.

7.  How long is this Devon/Robbie E feud going to last?  It seems like TNA just forgets about this feud and it rolls on, and on, and on.  I must say that Devon continues to impress me when I thought him nothing but the second man in a great tag team.

8.  Well we had Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson at the last PPV so let’s dash in some RVD and this match should be tons better than the match at Sacrifice as RVD can actually still go in the ring.  And it’s good they added a stipulation to this match instead of just having a match for the hell of it.  That works for TNA shows, but a PPV match should have a build-up.

9.  Speaking of matches with no builds, when did they announce Hernandez vs Kid Kash?  Was there something I missed there?  I haven’t seen either man in weeks!

10.  With Roode tapping two weeks in a row, there is almost no way that he loses Sunday.  I wonder if we see a return of James Storm to interfere perhaps?

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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