10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! – 6.8.12 – Squashes Galore!, Del Rio vs Khali, Sheamus vs Kane

Welcome to my 10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.  I apologize for my 10 Thoughts on Impact not going up yet, but I promise to have it up later today.  Anyways…

1.  WWE shop should sell that outfit that Ricardo Rodriguez came out in with the wig, beard, and all.  I actually enjoyed this segment which is unusual because I generally find those segments to be the most dull.  Imitators and Alberto talks that is.  So when does Alberto achieve his ‘destiny?’  I thought it was the WWE title, but then he won it and kept talking about his destiny so that’d be nice to know.

2.  Surprising to see Alberto actually compete against against The Great Khali as I just expected him to walk out of the match.  He needed the credibility too so this was a smart move as Khali is irrelevant unless there is an impending Elimination Chamber. *cough*

3.  With Ryback already on this show, Damien Sandow just getting off the ground, Antonio Cezaro beginning his domination, and Sin Cara just coming back, are we really going to add a FIFTH squash match to the blue show with the addition of Brodus Clay?  It would have made more sense to leave him on Raw that way they could just have one squash on that show.  Even though they really need to move Clay out of this holding phase and Ryback as well pretty soon.

4.  Sin Cara is definitely being more safe with this return than his first as his moves are easier to perform than some of his the first time around.  With that being said, he’s still very entertaining and no longer Botch-A-Mania like his first run.

5.  I’ll give them their due, the jobbers talking before the Ryback matches have been so terrible they’re brilliant.  Then Booker and Cole debate how brilliant they were on the Indy circuit.  It’s pretty great to see Ryback demolish them every week too.

6.  Cody Rhodes did a very good job of finally pointing out what most were thinking.  Why did Christian come back a babyface?  Christian responds by saying that he inducted Edge and that’s what changed him.  I’ll take it.

7.  I’m probably going to find new things that I love about Damien Sandow every week and this week is no different.  I love the way he holds the mic.  He already acts like he’s smarter and a cut above the audience, but he holds his mic like it’s a wine glass just to show how ‘high class’ he is.  Then he has the arrogant pin cover that’s also great.  Damien is one of the most intriguing character in the WWE right now.

8.  Okay I’ve had to change thought 3 about three times as I keep finding more and more squash matches.  I’m glad they’re building up their talent pool, but it’s time to move some of these guys either to Raw or onto the roster to compete in actual feuds.

9.  So… I wonder if WWE even knows where they’re going with the AJ angle.  We have AJ who falls in love with anyone who looks at her for too long and now Kane apparently is developing something for her as he received a Brogue Kick after being distracted for too long.  It’ll be interesting to see the role that she plays in the triple threat at No Way Out.

10.  Altogether this episode seemed almost a waste, all we really saw was a series of squash matches with Sheamus and Del Rio defeating their giant opponents.  Hopefully one of these other rookies will be traded to Raw so we don’t have FIVE squashes every week.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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