Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE SmackDown 6.8.12

Remember I will be at Raw live in Hartford, CT & will be posting on the official Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling. Be sure to follow along for news, reactions & photos.

– I just can’t take Alberto Del Rio as threat. What has he done before or after his injury? One lackluster title run that did NOTHING for him. His offense s weak and still too “lucha”, holding no realism or creditability for a mainly American audience. And he’s still a one note promo. Although Ricardo looked awesome.

– Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler are going to benefit immensely.

– A Great Khali tap out should mean something. It doesn’t.

– Brodus Clay fits better on SmackDown although if this means they are moving Ryback to Raw, I’m afraid Ryback may get lost in the shuffle.

– Rumors are that WWE may reveal a new set at the 1000 episode of Raw. I’ll be upset I missed it but damn does it need a change!

– Like the new look for Sin Cara. Hate the lighting & that Drew McIntyre is Cara’s next jobber.

– Smart move advertising Ryback coming up. It makes his matches feel like events.

– Christian vs Dolph Ziggler? Give Ziggler a “cheap” win & suddenly you’ll have a heel on the rise for the summer & potential Money In The Bank winner.

– At least they’re addressing the sudden Christian babyface turn.

– Hey Ziggler without Vickie! Please be a permanent thing.

– How the hell was Dolph able to make that Rocker Dropper work? Damn that was athletic.

– Good match but still think they could have worked something out where Ziggler came out looking strong. SmackDown & WWE for that matter needs the heel Ziggler.

– I could have done without having to see the ENTIRE Raw “main event” again.

– I guess there was at least a point for bringing out Hornswoggle.

– Like the pin cover for Sandow. Could have done without the Lanny Poffo cartwheel.

– Kane’s character & in-ring work aren’t doing anything for me but the AJ twist is intriguing.

– Really like what they’re doing with Antonio Cesaro. They’re allowing him be different, both with his move set & mannerisms.

– Formulaic big man match, which is pretty much all Kane can work at his age.

– This AJ storyline is something completely out of left field but they haven’t done something like this in a long time & it’s interesting to watch. Just hope there’s a payoff at some point.


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