Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Slammiversary 2012 (Sting, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle)


– Wouldn’t be a TNA anniversary show w/o opening w/Hulk Hogan! Wait…

– Wow the arena really does look great. Nice coupe for TNA.

– Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe changed to X-Division title match. Right call.

– Damn it’s nice to see Samoa Joe in an X-Division match again. Fully motivated.

– Fantastic opening match between 2 guys who are athletic AND can tell stories.

– “Everywhere Sting’s wrestled, he’s collected world titles.” – Hasn’t he only wrestled for 2 major companies, WCW & TNA?

– Hernandez? Really? I hope he doesn’t kill Kash.

– Probably the best Hernandez match I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

– It’s a good thing Earl Hebner is reffing this match cause I think some of the other refs are bigger than Garrett.

– Harmless time-killer tag match, until the dance break. Seemed like Garrett was channeling Brian Christopher.

– Did Daniels just toast with Mountain Dew?

– Uh oh, brunette Anderson is back. Does that make him more or less entertaining?

– Very good triple threat match & I’m saying that when I really don’t like anyone in this match.

– Anderson really is the only one that makes sense winning this match since He can either work a heel or face vs Roode or Sting.

– That promo essentially just told us Crimson is losing tonight.

– Better current undefeated streak: Crimson or Ryback?

– Nice return moment for James Storm. But DAMN Tenay, sell how exciting this is!

– “My gawd! Oh my gawd! IT’S JAMES STORM! We didn’t know if he’d ever be back but he comes The Cowboy!”- How Jim Ross would’ve called that.

– Whoever ended Crimson’s streak had to have a purpose & in line for a big push James Storm is definitely that man.

– Hall of Fame announcement up next. If it’s not Jeff Jarrett maybe Ken Shamrock?

– Sting makes complete sense but I thought they were going with someone who wasn’t active.

– Hmmm, wonder if the hometown girl will be win the belt… WWE=no but in TNA its a toss up.

– Holy crap that was a quick change for Abyss.

– I really dislike this storyline & feel that Bully Ray is better than this but not a bad gimmick match.

– Nice simple appearance from Christian & a much more welcome reception than I expected.

– Say hello to the show stealer coming up next.

– Holy crap, what a kick from Kazarian. So far a pretty stiff match.

– For all those people who wondered why I hate Kofi Kingston, its cause I’m spoiled by AJ Styles making high flying interesting.


– Absolutely standout performances from all 4 athletes that was just amazing. Unbelievable.

– A Bobby Roode clean victory over Sting cements him as a main eventer. For years.

– A Sting win & championship win at that, will feel like just another TNA PPV and won’t feel special at all.

– Like the robe for Roode but Im not completely sold on it. If he wins tonight the Flair-esque robe will mean more.

– Bobby Roode is the “Evolution” Triple H for 2012.

– Is the Scorpion Deathlock the weakest looking submission move in the business today?

– Does anyone else get annoyed by Brian Hebner’s “goatee”?

– Ok main event which you KNEW couldn’t follow that tag match. Plus it set up the James Storm feud perfectly.

– Well that’s it for me, hope you enjoyed a pretty damn good show from TNA. Remember I will be covering RAW live from Hartford here tomorrow!

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