Inside Pulse’s TNA Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2012 Live Coverage Report

Welcome to Inside Pulse’s TNA Slammiversary 2012 Live Coverage. Keep refreshing here for the latest updates. Look for the latest update in ITALICS.

The show opens with a montage of some of the greatest moments in TNA, they give a good amount of focus on the first Joe/Angle feud.

Hogan’s music plays, and here he comes. Hogan welcomes us to Slammiversary, and says that the next 10 years will be twice as awesome. He says that he loves pushing buttons as the GM. And he announces Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe will be the for the X Division Title. Tenay says that there is a 225 lb weight limit to the X Division (I thought it was about no limits), and Joe clearly exceeds that, but Hogan is going old school tonight back when the title did not have a weight limit.

Austin Aries (c) vs. Samoa Joe – X Division Championship
Joe overpowers Aries to start. Aries hits a hurracanranna, and Joe goes to the floor. Aries attempts a suicide dive outside, but Joe kicks him in the head. Joe with a big running powerslam for a 2 count. Joe backs Aries into the corner, and hits a series of headbutts. Joe then lifts Aries up on the turnbuckle for the M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster, but Aries fights back, sends Joe to the mat, then hits a 450 Splash for a 2 count. Aries sends Joe to the corner, and then charges, but Joe catches him and slams him down. Joe goes for another M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster, but Aries slides out of it, turns it into a nasty crucifix DDT. Aries then hits a discus punch, and follows it with a Brainbuster for the pin!!
Winner and still Champion – Austin Aries

We get some banter from Tenay & Taz. They wonder who the first Hall of Famer will be.

Kid Kash vs. Hernandez
Hernandez dominates the majority of the match. Seems like he is working face, as he hams up the crowd. Hernandez tosses Kash to the floor, and hits a suicide dive over the top rope. Hernandez hits a top rope splash for the win.
Winner – Hernandez

Top 10 in TNA History:
#3: AJ Styles defeating Jerry Lynn to become the first X-Division Champion.

Robbie E & Robbie T vs. Devon & Garrett Bischoff
Madison is back out, seems like she has a crush one someone in the ring. Oddly enough Earl Hebner reffed the match between Robbie E & Devon (with T & Garrett at ringside) on Impact, so Hebner is my guess for Madison’s crush. The Robbie’s go back and forth beating down on Garrett. Devon finally gets in, and is a house of fire all over Robbie E. Robbie T breaks it up, but Garrett sends him to the floor and hits a (very sloppy) crossbody on the floor. This allows Devon to hit a spinebuster for the pin.
Winners – Garrett Bischoff & Devon

JB is with Daniels & Kaz. Daniels calls them the World Tag Team Champions of the World, because they are so great, they are worth 2 planets. They drink a few appletini’s.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. RVD – #1 Contenders Match
Jeff looks to do a coinflip…for what, I don’t know. RVD is following the coin, and Jeff jumps him. RVD kicks Jeff, and Jeff hits his head on the bottom rope, and seems a bit shaken. Anderson hits a top rope SUPERplex on Hardy, and RVD attempts a top rope splash on the wreckage, but both Anderson & Hardy move. RVD & Anderson on the floor, and Hardy goes to the top and leaps on both men. Back in the ring, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on RVD, then hits the Swanton, but only gets a 2 when Anderson breaks it up. Anderson tosses Hardy to the floor, and he slams into the barriers. RVD with a kick to the head lays out Anderson. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder, but Anderson is up, catches RVD, and hits the Mic Check for the pin.
Winner & #1 Contender – Mr. Anderson

JB is with Crimson, who doesn’t care who he faces tonight, he will remain perfect. Crimson is very cocky about being undefeated.

Crimson comes out and rips on the Dallas sports scene. He then sits back and waits for someone to accept his challenge. And, we hear ‘Sorry, about your damn luck’.

Crimson vs. James Storm
Storm hits the ring hard and attacks Crimson without taking his jacket off. Storm hits the Last Call Superkick for the pin.
Winner – James Storm

Top 10 in TNA History:
#2: The arrival of Hulk Hogan

Dixie Carter comes out. Dixie brings out the TNA Roster to the stage. She then thanks them all for their hard work. She then welcomes the first inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame. They show a video package on Sting, and it appears as if he will be the first Hall of Famer.

Sting looks to be surprised by this, and doesn’t really have a speech, but says Thank You to everyone.

Gail Kim (c) vs. Miss Tessmacher – TNA Knockouts Championship
Back and forth, and very boring. Tessmacher wins with a roll-up.
Winner & New Champion – Miss Tessmacher

JB is with Bully Ray. Bully askes if JB knows who he is, and where he’s from. I think Bully hams up the New York accent. Bully reminds us that his match with Joseph Park is no holds barred.

Recap of the Joseph Park appearing on TNA to find his brother Chris…Abyss.

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park
No music for Park. Bully toys with Park to start. Bully tries to bring a chair in the ring, but Park kicks the ropes as Bully is coming in. Park picks up the chair (upside down and backwards), but Bully lays him out. Bully then hits a few chair shots to Park’s back. Crowd is all over Bully, chanting ‘New York Sucks.’ Bully goes for the 2nd rope sitting Senton, but Park rolls out of the way. Park then does some sloppy pounding on Bully, but he appears to be gassed, and Bully hits a big boot. Bully brings in a table & a kendo stick. Bully charges at Park with the kendo stick, but Park hits him below the belt, then slaps Bully over the head with the kendo. Park charges Bully in the corner, but Bully hits a back elbow, and Park falls to the floor. Park rolls under the ring. Bully is looking for him, and Abyss comes out the other end. Abyss choke slams Bully through the table. Abyss goes back under the ring, and Park comes back out (tho, very quickly, so it’s possible someone else played Abyss). Park then pins Bully.
Winner – Joseph Park

Hogan comes out and introduces Christian Cage! Cage gets in the ring, and mentions how there are a few less corners then there used to be. He then introduces the #1 moment in TNA History.

Top 10 in TNA History:
#1: The arrival of Sting

Recap of the Dixie/AJ affair from Kaz & Daniels.

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian (c) vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles – TNA Tag Title Championship
AJ rushes the ring, but gets jumped. The match slows down, but Kaz & Daniels dominates. Daniels hits a cool move where he stomps AJ down to the mat through his chest. Kaz is tagged back in, and Daniels hip tosses him into a leg drop on AJ for 2. AJ fights back, reverses Kaz and hits a suplex. AJ finally gets to Angle, who is on fire. Angle hits a German on both Kaz & Daniels, then hits Daniels with the Angle Slam for 2 when Kaz breaks it up. Kaz then gets the first 2 of the Triple German, and for the third, Kaz tries to hold on to Daniels, but Angle suplexes both men! Angle locks on the Ankle Lock on Daniels, but Kaz breaks it up. Both men tag, and now all 4 men are in the ring. They all go around and hit signature moves (not finishers), and it comes down to AJ & Kaz. AJ puts Kaz on the turnbuckle, and goes for a top rope SUPERplex, but Kaz fights AJ off, sending him down to the mat, only for Angle to run up and hit the SUPER Belly to Belly. Daniels runs in and hits a Judo takedown on Angle. Daniels goes for the BME but AJ rolls out of the way, Daniels lands on his feet, but Angle wraps him up and hits a release German! Angle hits a top rope splash on Kaz, but Daniels breaks up the pin by pulling the Ref to the floor. AJ then hits a springboard SSP to the floor on Daniels!! Kaz goes for the Fade to Black, but Angle slides through, locks on the Ankle Lock, and lays into it. Kaz is unable to get to the ropes, and taps out!!
Winners & New Tag Team Champions – Kurt Angle & AJ Styles

Recap of Roode/Sting

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Sting – TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Roode shows up in one of his old robes from his ‘It Pays to be Roode’ character. Sting is all over Roode the entire match, tossing him around the ringside area. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock early, but Roode gets to the ropes. Roode tries to walk away, but Sting hits a Stinger Splash against the guard rail. Roode crawls on the announce table (which is ringside for the event), and Sting follows and locks the Scorpion Death Lock on the table and Roode is tapping, but the match can’t end out of the ring. Behind the announce table is a 6 pack of beer bottles (presumably from James Storm), and brings them in the ring. Sting grabs a bottle out of Roode’s hands, the ref takes it away, and Roode hits Sting with a 2nd bottle, and score the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Bobby Roode

Sting is up, and he attacks Roode. They fight up the stage, and Sting suplexs Roode on the ramp. Sting then bounces Roode’s head off the steel girders. Sting then hits a Scorpion Death Drop off the stage.

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