Game of Thrones – Episode 2-10 Review – “Tyrion’s Eye”

After last week’s battle-centric episode, we had a lot of ground to cover in the Game of Thrones season finale for basically every single storyline. I don’t usually watch the scenes from previous episodes, but this week I did.


King’s Landing

We opened with a close up of Tyrion’s eye, and a whole lot of changes.

Tyrion’s alive, but injured. And demoted – since Tywin was back in town, he’d taken over as Hand of the King. Littlefinger was given the Castle of Harrenhaal for what he did in uniting the houses Lannister and Tyrell. And, very importantly, Joffrey was married to Lady Margaery of House Tyrell instead of Sansa.

Poor Sansa. She turned down Hound’s offer to escape because she thought she’d be safer at King’s Landing, and almost instantly her entire fate was turned upside-down. Sansa was relieved not to be marrying Joffrey, but Littlefinger soon informed her that she wouldn’t be sent home. She’d be beaten and treated as a prostitute.

Bronn’s no longer in charge of the City Watch, so Tyrion is now powerless. Varys told him that even though Tyrion would get no recognition, many people knew that without Tyrion King’s Landing would have been defeated. But at least he still has Shea.

On The Road

I understand why Brienne is such a popular character. Lady is a bad ass! That whole thing with her and Jamie and the Stark soldiers was amazing – they almost had them convinced that Jamie was just an ordinary criminal, but when they were backed to a corner Brienne took on all three guys and one. Ain’t no thang, right?


Meanwhile, Robb was whining to his mother than he wanted to go back on his word and not marry the Frey daughter, because he loves Talisa. Catelyn didn’t have much of a leg to stand on when it came to discussing the idea of honor with him, because she’d given up Jamie Lannister. So despite his mother’s protestations, Robb and Talisa secretly married.


Stannis was furious with Melisandre, because she said he’d win the war and he’d lost the battle at King’s Landing. Yeah, I’d say that was reason enough to be angry. Though choking her almost to death seemed a bit much. But then he saw some kind of future in the flames of a fire. But what?


Theon was feeling pretty down on himself. Nothing was working out for him in Winterfell, but he couldn’t go home to the Iron Islands either. Luwon told him the best thing to do would be to join the Night’s Watch, where he’d get a fresh start. Theon didn’t take the advice though, and instead was knocked out by his own man. Theon is the Game of Thrones version of Mad Men’s Glenn – everything turns to crap.

When Osha came out of hiding with Hodor, Bran and Rickon, the village had been burned down and Luwon was dying. He told them to travel to the wall to find Jon Snow.


Finally, some dragon action! Some completely bonkers dragon action! Look, there’s a lot about what happened with Daeny that I didn’t understand, because I’m never sure what’s magic and what’s not. The warlocks basically wanted Daeny and her dragons because she makes the dragons stronger, and the dragons make their magic stronger. She was briefly reunited with the illusions of Drogo and her unborn child, and then she was held captive with her dragons. But they breathed fire and killed that scary, skinny warlock man.

Then, after escaping, she discovered that Xaro’s safe was actually empty. All the riches he’d told her about were a lie. She locked him and her handmaid, who was sleeping with him, in the safe to die. They looted the rest of Qarth, in order to use any gold and jewels to buy a ship. It looks like Khaleesi has officially arrived, and she’s not the meek little girl some might take her for.

On The Run

Arya told Jaquen that she wants to learn how to kill like he does, and he told her to come to Braavos and become a Faceless Man – and then, literally, he changed his face. Arya declined, because she still wants to be reunited with her family. But Jaqen also gave her a special coin. If she ever wants to see him again, she can give it to someone from Braavos and say a special phrase.

Beyond The Wall

Jon Snow killed Halfhand, which I think was following Halfhand’s own instructions, so that he could officially join the Wildlings. That means we get to meet The King Beyond The Wall…but not until next season.

We finally got to see the white walkers, which are basically zombies. Unfortunately, they got Sam. Well, I assume they got Sam. Poor Sam. Anyway, they’re creepy and gross  and make a terrible screeching noise. I’ve got to say, guys, I’m not really into this. Dragons, fine. Magic, OK sure. But now zombies too? Geez, how many mystical things do I need to worry about?

Final Thoughts

I don’t know guys, I’m not convinced by this season. Is it possible for too much to be going on while very little happens? Because that’s how I feel. While I’m excited for what’s next for Daeny, the entire Qarth storyline kind of felt like a waste of time. And I’m still not sure I care too much about anything that happens beyond the wall. I expected there to be more conclusions by the end of this season, but so much is still left up in the air. What do you guys think?