Top 5 1/2 DC New 52 Zero Month Shockers (Green Lantern, Justice League, Earth 2 & More)

DC Comics today released their September 2012 solicits. Their Zero Month New 52 Anniversary is on as reported earlier. And, there are a few surprises in their solicitations. Here are the Top 5 1/2 from my estimation. Let me know what you think.

FIVE: John Stewart, Hal Jordan and Sinestro MIA?

At last check, there were four Green Lantern rings for Earth-based heroes. Since the New 52 began those rings belong to: John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and… Sinestro. The ring Hal Jordan currently has is a construct made from Sinestro’s. So, looking at the solicits, John, Sinestro and Hal are missing in action.

Does the new Arab Green Lantern (he has an Arabic tattoo) who we first met in DC’s FCBD 2012 offering assume John or Sinestro’s “real” rings or does he get a ring construct or is there something elese going on here? And, what’s with that gun? Terrorist stereotype media critiques to follow?

FOUR: The Team Seven Push

From several teases of Team Seven and ziltch, nada… zero books (pun intended) to four related books in one month?

Plus an ethnicity change for a Wildstorm stalwart?

DC Comics is going BIG on Team Seven.

THREE: Curious Cancellations…

Justice League International ended in August. Now three other books follow. These four books make way for four new ongoing books: Team Seven, Talon, Phantom Stranger and Sword of Sorcery. While we expected four books to end to make way for the new series, so DC can keep its “New 52” number of ongoing titles, it is surprising that we didn’t see a JLI successor book debut in September and another lower selling book get dropped. JLI did decent sales. Interesting.

TWO: Two to One?

It certainly seems that the days of Jason and Ronnie being separate Firestorms appear over. Maybe Fury has been subdued and the boys become a more traditional Firestorm? They no longer create the monster Fury when they get angry? Hmmm.

ONE: Dark Shazam?

It certainly appears that the new Billy Batson Shazam has lost the innocence of the pre-Flashpoint Captain Marvel version. Does he look darker as hinted earlier and perhaps more, I don’t know, sinister? He certainly is a bit more different than had been expected.

1/2: Crimson Avenger Part of Earth 2’s “Big Four”? Quad over trinity?

While the solicit indicates we’ll likely learn more about Earth 2’s big bad, likely Terry Sloane, the crimson colored newbie on the cover alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is intriguing. Could this be the Crimson Avenger? This was a character deemed story-wise in the post Crisis of Infinite Earths era to be Earth’s first masked Golden Age vigilante. Does the Crimson Avenger make the New 52 debut or is that red character someone new? Or, as some are speculating, (thanks for reminding me Matt) is that Terry Sloane?

So, what intrigues you about DC’s September solicits?

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