10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 06.11.2012: Vince McMahon, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, John Laurinaitis

Let’s dive right into the 3-hour special featuring Vince McMahon!

1.) Vince’s pop when he returned is EXACTLY why John Cena needs to take 3-4 months (or more) off of TV.  Even a character as overexposed as Vince (more to come on that later) received a huge ovation when his music started.  The crowd was into everything he did, and it proves that the “we missed you” factor is huge in wrestling.

2.) At the rate the main eventers and PPV participants are getting hurt, Sunday’s main event will be Jimmy Uso vs. Matilda the Bulldog vs. Ralphus in a Triple Threat.

3.) I love Sheamus’s tribute to HHH with his facial hair.

4.) Tensai is like Google+ – he is never going to get over or be accepted, but his creators are going to push the hell out of him anyway.

5.) R-Truth must have horrible hearing and peripheral vision if he didn’t see Big Show sneak up on him.  That was a helluva visual, though, when Show flattened him.

6.) What does Christian have more of:  Heel/face turns, or Killswitch completions?  I don’t recall ever seeing a finisher countered more than his Killswitch.

7.) Hey – at least William Regal got on Raw.

8.) A lot of people feared that McMahon was going to dominate the show when the ratings dipped – and that’s exactly what happened.  While I can understand why he was so involved, I hope this doesn’t become a recurring theme.

9.)  There isn’t much that makes me angry in wrestling – but the hypocrisy involved with the WWE and their “Be a Star” ads drives me bonkers.  From making Teddy Long where the ridiculous “My Name Is” name tag (with the “Be a Star” poster directly over his shoulder) to Vince mocking Jim Ross’s fight with Bells Palsy (again) to Cena picking on Michael Cole last week – the WWE is so transparent that it frustrates me to the point of turning off the channel.

10.) I literally fell asleep watching the final segment.  Probably not the impact the WWE was hoping for on their go-home episode before the PPV on Sunday.   I have a feeling that the Big Show’s punch on McMahon won’t be shown often on the replays.

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