Review: Green Lantern #10 By Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern #10

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Keith Champagne, Mark Irwin, Tom Nguyen, and Hi-Fi


The short of it:


Two powerless Green Lanterns on the run from an army of psychotic sociopaths that were so evil that they were forced into being the Indigo Lantern Corps. Ten seconds without their rings and they’re screaming for Green Lantern blood, seriously, not good people. Hal and Sinestro make a run for it, while at the same time, so does William Hand. Hal and Sin try to figure out a way to get the Indigo Battery working again and reignite the Corps, thus stopping psychos from being psycho, and what it winds up being is a lot of Hal trying to reassure Natromo that this is doable even without Abin Sur, and a lot of Sinestro beating people with his bare hands. It takes a single Indigo Lantern to feel compassion without their ring to bring the Corps back online, and it looks like our Green Lantern’s are going to be free to go….but then we see a big bad of potential epic proportions return on the last page.


What I liked:


  • Black Hand having his mind back for the first time since Blackest Night resulted in the only reaction that show have occurred. Damn straight dude is going to run.
  • I loved Hal actually getting Sinestro to admit that he was wrong, it’s an example of how far their character arc has come this year. It began with Sinestro forcing Hal under his wing to make him a better Lantern, and instead we’ve seen both of them learning from the other. This would be a great buddy cop flick.
  • We didn’t get much of Iroque (Indigo-1) without her ring on, but what we did get is a character who was clearly changed for the better by Abin Sur’s plans.
  • Sinestro has absolutely zero fear.
  • The art in this issue is just stellar. It looks and feels like a horror title.


What I didn’t like:


  • Wait, so Hal’s bootleg ring still sucks while Sinestro’s can’t do anything? How does that work? Shouldn’t his ring just quit working if the parent ring dies?
  • So we finally have an arc to show off the Indigo Lanterns, of which we know Indigo-1 and Munk, and we end the arc…knowing Indigo-1 and Munk. Mainly just Indigo, at that. We learned a lot of secrets about the Tribe, but he biggest one seems to be that nobody has any really character beyond face in a crowd.
  • Remember when Green Lantern had a supporting cast? It was just a few years ago, but Hal had friends and relatives and a girlfriend who wasn’t Carol. Then we found out about other Lantern Corps and none of them, save for Carol, was ever mentioned again.


Final Thoughts:


Yeah, these covers are totally out of order. This cover is Sinestro imprisoned by the Indigo Tribe, but that happened last issue, and Black Hand was on the cover to last months issue despite that he figures to be the situation next issue. They all look great, but it’s confusing to see them so blatantly disorganized.


I love how when a man puts on a Lantern ring he seems to get a full body outfit, but whenever a woman does she goes from fully dressed to space bikini.


Man, the William Hand pages are just brutal looking. Credit goes to Doug Mahnke who is just a master at making things look awesome.


I think I’m going to retire the term ‘army of inkers’ when talking about Green Lantern. I just have to accept that the book needs four of them.


Total laugh worthy moment when you see Sinestro near the end.


Does anybody else want Hal to get a real ring already? This bootleg one is getting old.


Overall: 8/10

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