Watch Kevin Durant Lose B-Ball Skills As Oklahoma City Gets Thunderstruck

When I first saw the trailer to Thunderstruck, I thought it was one of those parody trailers that would have been included on an NBA-sponsored Tropic Thunder-esque sizzle reel (funny, since Thunder‘s Alpa Chino is in the trailer). And its debut couldn’t be more perfect. With Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder blowing past Kobe Bryant’s Lakers and San Antonio’s Big Three of Duncan, Parker and Ginobli to make it to the finals it only makes sense that a family comedy be made where Durant loses his basketball talent to a teen (Taylor Gray) with no b-ball skills to speak of.

If only the Miami Heat wishes it were true.

When Brian (Taylor Gray), a hopelessly uncoordinated young fan magically switches talents with his hero (Kevin Durant, playing himself), he becomes the star of his high school team…while Kevin Durant suddenly can’t make a shot to save his life. But with the playoffs approaching, Brian learns that being a true winner involves working hard at your own game, and he tries to make things right in time to prevent a catastrophic end to his hero’s season.

Thuderstruck is directed by John Whitesell, who previously did Deck the Halls and the two Big Momma’s House sequels, and it was written by Eric Champnella, who did the sports-centered comedies Eddie and Mr. 3000. In addition to Taylor Gray and Kevin Durant, the comedy also features Jim Belushi and Brandon T. Jackson.

Thunderstruck opens in theaters on August 24th.

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